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I am slowly trying to clear a large debt left by my ex wife and have spent some considerable time building an online store through amazon affiliate scheme. I am getting varying amounts of traffic coming through but no conversions at present. Would somebody be willing to help me turn the store into making a profit as I'm currently pulling my hair out. I would obviously be willing to share any revenue with the right person


Many thanks for reading and I look forward to any suggestions / advice / help
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    The categories on you site are so diverse. Typically a site is based around one niche or sub-niche. However, the site looks very nice. If you want to sell amazon products I suggest you look at using a Wordpress site and get one of the many themes that are sold on the forum. They allow you to add thousands of items at a time.

    When people are looking for something to buy on the internet it is slightly different than shopping at a brick and mortar store. Wheather you are shopping for an item on the internet or at your local store you are typically going to do some research. You do it on the internet by reading reviews, articles or watching videos. In a local store the research is done by asking the sales clerk. Keep this in mind when you develop a site. So you should add articles, reveiws and video to your site to keep your customer from leaving and doing the research at someone else's site.

    Now if you want to make a better profit from your hard work you need to focus on dealing with a dropshipper instead of just being an affiliate and earning a small commission. Start reading posts in this forum and learn as much as you can about dropshipping.

    I wish you all the best in your endevor.

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  • Yes,

    A website NEEDS relevancy.

    If you're not 'targeted like a sniper rifle' and more like a 'shotgun', Google will penalize you based on your content IRRELEVANCY distance from the keywords.

    (Meaning, 'toaster' is further away from 'walnut tree' than 'toaster oven')

    This is especially true since Panda/Penguin updates.

    Relevancy is VITAL in content (and website construction) from the beginning. I'd strip it down until you have a laser-targeted, well-researched, micro-niche... For relevancy's sake.
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    Yeah, you are best picking one type of product and building a site around that.

    Use google keyword tool to work out what is profitable and what isn't

    For example

    King Size Comforters - an entire site based on that alone
    Best 4K Tvs - an entire site based on that alone

    Try stay away from exact match domains aswel, Google does not like this anymore
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    Focus on one product or market---you are more likely to find results. I am curious how you think an Amazon commission of only 4% is going to be much help. Have you looked at affiliate directories and checked the commissions on the products you are more likely to sell?
    Also don't stick with just one site. Sometimes you have to try various ways of making an online income. Don't put everything you've got in one idea. Experiment until you find what clicks for you, what you are good at selling. And you do have to SELL--just putting products on a pretty page won't bring an income. Marketing, profit margins, costs, trends, and advertising all come into play. Selling for commission is the lowest return on your investment, most of the time. Be sure to explore other ways to earn online.
    Wholesale/drop ship tutorials--LEARN HOW and where to get drop shippers
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    Julia is absolutely right: "Never put all your eggs in one basket."

    The more you diversify your income streams, the more security and earning potential you build.

    The trick is finding a balance where you diversify without over extending yourself on a hundred little projects.
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    As other people mentioned here, there's not a lot of relevancy, but this is an excellent first effort!

    Unfortunately, there's nothing to make your site look like anything I'd want to buy from (or many other people for that matter). It looks sort of like a generic drug store selling off-name brands, because it has no "POP", no branding or authority. There are a bajillion sites just like this. You need to focus on a particular niche; that's the ONLY way you'll succeed.

    The other thing that you need to understand is that it is not really the # of products on your site, nor the variety, that matter to Amazon. Rather, the important thing in this endeavor is to get people OFF of your site as quickly as possible and ON to Amazon's so that they can be cookied and you get credit for any sales they make.

    What will probably work better for you is LBrown's Guide to Amazon Affiliate Stores over on Blackhat World.
    As she notes, she replicates the feel of Amazon's site in one category of items per store, and gets the user over to Amazon as quickly as possible.
    If your customers spend to much time wandering around your "desert" for 40 days and 40 nights, they likely won't click through to Amazon.

    Here's an EXCELLENT example of a good Amazon Affiliates site design targeted to a specific niche. Plus, look at all the trust factors they feature right up top! Finally, they totally own the fact that they're an Amazon affiliate referral store. Notice the big Amazon Associates logo in the header?
    If you own the fact that you're referring people, they'll accept it. You can spin it positively too - "YourDomain.com is proudly backed by Amazon, the world's largest marketplace, so you can shop easy."

    Ryne Landers
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