which is your favorite open source shopping cart and why?

by zoobie
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Just curious about what is your favorite shopping cart software and why?

I have some developers friend told me Magento is the best but what is your


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    I know many would disagree, but I still favor Zen Cart. I think it is easier to customize and has some features that are more powerful than magento. Granted out of the box, there is no comparison which one looks better, zen cart looks like hell. But with customization, you can make it look incredible. Plus there are many active communities that offer great support if you do run in to any issues.
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    I've used Virtuemart for over 5 years, mainly because it is an easily installed component of the Joomla CMS. It's not the best ecommerce platform, but for getting a complete site with ecommerce off the ground, Joomla + Virtuemart is efficient.

    We've used OpenCart recently and was impressed - well worth a look.

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      I have done a good bit of web design with both Zen Cart and Magento. In my opinion, Magento is better but also significantly more complicated. If you aren't using any of the features that Magento supports that Zen Cart does not, you are much better off in Zen Cart.

      When it comes to customization of the design, or any alterations to the code, Zen Cart is a lot easier to work with. You can almost certainly find a good Zen Cart developer for around 1/3 what you'd have to pay someone with the same level of competence in Magento.

      I haven't used any others to compare with any further, though.
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    I usually use Zen Cart and Magento.
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    Supports multi-stores, all the basic features.
    1000s of very cheap extensions for any extra functionality you can think of
    Lots of nice cheap themes
    Active community
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    Has anybody use BigCommerce?
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      Originally Posted by Kevinhoss View Post

      Has anybody use BigCommerce?
      As the question was about free, open source shopping carts, BigCommerce would not fit with the discussion because it's a paid SaAS.
      It is ridiculously expensive costing $80/mo for a mere 1,000 products. You can get great Magento hosting for less than that and run a full Magento CE store with 10's of thousands of products comfortably.
      Hell, even Magento Go, Magento's SaAS option, runs $15/mo less for the same # of products. Over the course of the year, that's a savings of $180.

      If you're looking to go w/ a SaAS, which has limited design, extension, and code-customization options, most people would recommend Shopify for its ease of use and wide selection of third-party themes.

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        To my mind there is only one option for open source ecommerce ...


        It is modern, very easy to modify (you can even customise & brand the admin panel) and has thousands of plugins and themes. There are loads of payments plugins, mods and tweaks (many are free) and Opencart developers are easy to find.

        There are no limits on product numbers and the platform runs quite lightly. 'Out of the box' it is ready to go.

        I've built many shops with Opencart, Magento and most of the others, but in reality nothing comes close to OC for limited budgets.
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          I use Zen cart for all my ecommerce sites... BUT only because I am used to them.

          I have one that does 6 figures per month and stands up to everything well and competes at a fraction of a cost to competitors who build bespoke sites (we are the second biggest in our niche!)

          Id like to use magento as it has some good features that link in with stock systems and I do use it when I look after other peoples sites.

          Opencart also seems pretty good but Id say get used to one and use it.

          Oscommerce, Creloaded, Cubecart, Zencart, Magento etc etc all pretty much have he standard stuff you would expect and been around a while.

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    I like OpenCart, easy to install and use. Furthermore, you can easily customize the logic to match your needs, if you know the php well.
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    Magento are one of the world’s fastest growing eCommerce platform with over 2 million downloads so far. I must say that Magento is awesome. I would never believe it is an open-source software.
    Advantages of Magento shopping cart:
    • Clean And Modern Layout
    • Easy Integration Of Layouts, Themes And Add-ons
    • More Than 50 Payment Gateways Are Available For Integration
    • Manage Multiple Stores From One Administration Panel
    • Search Engine Optimized store front and Google sitemap
    • Multi-Lingual and Multi-Currency
    Magento comes in a few different versions, namely Magento Community, Magento Professional, and Magento Enterprise. For starters, Magento Community is a great free option.
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    I like opencart, because it has nice functions and has a lot of good modules available for it.

    If you need some let me know, I can help you with that..

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    It depends on your specific needs, a solution like GoECart is great for medium sized merchants that don't want to maintain a programming staff yet still get custom features.

    If you are a small seller then Yahoo Stores is a decent solution or even Volusion.

    Magento is ideal if you have access to a programmer(s) and want custom features.
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    Its now 2013. So much has changed.
    Heres what I think and Just have to say...Today I learned that there are some outstanding human people with real hearts over at 3dcart.
    I tried some trial starts with 4 other ecommerce sites trying to create my store. They ALL paled next to the 3dcart crew. You would have to meet these people first hand to know what I mean. (hint CLEVE and XAV). trying not to give away any trade secrets. lol. These 2 guys are both powerful tools in the industry working the old fashion style, straight from the heart. It is clear that the company exec officers are intelligent enough and heartful enough to hire these types of souls and utilize their gifts by adding knowledgable training that can expedite any business with an advanced ecommerce solution for the lowest price ONline . Im not making this up nor am I a part of this company. I am just that HAPPY about discovering them after turning away in frustration from corecommerce, bigcommerce, shopify and the other one. 3dcart has so very much more to offer than ANY I could find Online to compare. And thats besides the great staff so willing to help.
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    I have been very happy with fatfreecart, a very simple shopping cart if you wanted to use PayPal or Google Checkout.

    Test it out by buying something on my website !

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    I will Suggest Openacart. It is the one of the best Open Source Shopping Carts.
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