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Hey everyone,

I'm currently selling a few thousand items per month on ebay and the main struggle at this point is the varying shipping costs. I want to set up a contract with a shipping agent to get some sort of flat rate deal that would be a win/win for both of us.

Does anybody have suggestions for me? Also, any suggestions for international shipping contracts as well?
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    Contact UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, and whoever else.

    Some of the companies I listed will send out an agent to come meet you, discuss your shipping needs, and will offer you a standard shipping rate decrease. The standard rate savings sucks. Once they have went over most of your shipping volume, and if you have consistency in shipping he/she will offer something like a 8% to a 10% discount on things like Priority. If you tell them that "Hey, I'm getting better offers from FedEx (who the USPS and UPS HATE)" they will lower their rates. - However... if you go two or three months without the same consistent shipping volume, the will put you back at standard rates without telling you and will bill you as such. Always look at your billing, especially from the USPS.

    USPS is good for priority and first class domestically, but first class mail international sucks. USPS also has the highest undelivered mail rate.

    UPS is pretty much only good for UPS Ground

    Everything else, including expedited shipping, is best done by FedEx.

    I like using TNT for more of Europe, and DHL for large somewhat more bulky packages internationally.

    So I suggest making agreements with the things I just listed in mind. Unless of course you are living outside of the U.S.
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      I agree, call UPS, Fed Ex and USPS and see what kind of standard discount you can get. If you are selling at the volume you are, then you might be able to get either a huge standard discount or a flat fee for particular size. One dropshipper I use, has a contract that ships through Fed Ex at 8.95 for under 20 pounds.

      Personally, I dislike FedEx. I have had more delivery issues with Fed Ex (and don't get me started on Kinkos) compared to UPS and USPS. USPS quality is all based on Location. My friends in Chicago and NYC hate the USPS but here in Hawaii they are the most friendly, helpful group of people I have met, even the surly ones.

      Get as much data as possible so you can tell them what a typical shipment is. If its all the same stuff, same packaging, etc, they might be able to give you a flat rate, if its all over the place, maybe a flat discount, or if you have bulky items, they might be able to give you a discount on large items.

      Great to hear about TNT, a neighbor growing up was a driver for them and they treated him really well. I didn't realize they did international. If their moving service is any indication, check out ABF, they are a LTL hauler and their uPack service was great to deal with.
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    ended up going with USPS. The salesman was actually much better for UPS, but his offer was complete bs. USPS set me up pretty nice and will save a lot. I'm hoping though that once UPS see's the volume I'm doing on a monthly basis they will come back with something much better because they are easier to deal with and more able to handle my volume
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    I'm just hating on USPS because the pick up lady said she refuses to take more than 10 boxes per day because her little truck can't handle it! So now I have to go over her head and get it taken care of somehow. Ya I have endicia set up and just signed up with shipworks which is linked to ebay and has my endicia info. If you don't use shipworks you should check it out cuz it's pretty sweet
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