Looking for a dropship supplier for 3D Printing supplies

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Hello WF. Long time reader, and I finally mustered up enough courage to try a dropshipping service.

The niche I am choosing is 3D printing supplies. I'd like to start with the filament, and over time expand into everything/anything 3d printing related.

I have $0 for inventory so I need a dropshipper.

So many of the suppliers on alibaba (overseas) either have:
-Way too high of a MOQ
-Too rough of shipping rates / times
- Terrible English skills (I'm a newb so I need someone who I can communicate well with)

I've had some good conversations with some more wholesalers who are American- they won't be able to offer me the same rates, but they can offer me what I need possibly..

I am looking for a supplier for my new venture: 3DPrinterCity. What I am looking for is a supplier who can supply the following:
3D Printing Filament (multiple colors)
ABS 1.75mm
ABS 3mm
PLA 1.75mm
PLA 3mm
- Willing to take order fufilment for my store, once a day
- Offer free shipping to US
- Have a MOQ of 1 unit
- Has a good return policy
- Is willing to send me free samples, so I can take proper photographs

How can I go about finding this "dream supplier"? Does anyone on WF have advice or connections they can share?

I will be hitting the phones / interwebz (email) contacting every single supplier i can get my hands on their info.. But, I figure since this was the prime source of information on the topic, maybe some of the more experienced can help this noob.

Thanks for reading.
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