Set up an eCommerce site now I need traffic!

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Hello there,

Having been looking at this forum over the last few weeks I've decided to join and get involved.

Basically, I have the following eCommerce website up and running selling leather bags: Genuine leather bags with a vintage look and individual style

I am looking for some help getting traffic to my website. I am open to paid services if it brings results. I have a basic understanding of backlinking but I do not want to start putting hours of work into it only to find there is a better/more effective way of going about it.

I understand I am new to this forum but any help will be much appreciated.


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    Read more and ask specific questions, the forum is full of guides and methods that can and will work. Don't expect to be spoon fed information, at least not anything worth your time. If you are looking for quick results go PPC, if you intend to do this long term work on your organic search placement. Keep reading and learning.

    My Sig goes here

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    You could try my WSO Your product is perfect for this audience.

    Ron Rule

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      I think you're looking for something like this:

      40 SEO Strategies for Ecommerce Websites | Kaiserthesage

      The post is from 2011, but the author is well respected in the white-hat SEO world and his recommendations do not violate Google rules.

      It's a lengthy list and you will be busy for awhile.

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        I just want to say thank you to the people who have responded to my post, you have been very helpful and I feel very encouraged that people have taken the time to respond to me.

        I will now go away and act upon the advice/information given to me.

        Many thanks,

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      Originally Posted by ronrule View Post

      You could try my WSO Your product is perfect for this audience.
      I got that, and it is a very good method to drive hordes of traffic to your site, very quickly. Not only that, the traffic should be very responsive to the products you have to offer. I don't remember how much Ron's product costs, but is isn't much and well worth ten times what he is charging.

      Tim Pears

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        I've decided to start looking at running an ad campaign on Bing, see how that goes. Also, I've also started a competition on Facebook (don't know if I'm allowed to post a link here).

        I am going to search for fashion based blogs/forums and see if I can post some articles on them about my bags, do you think this would be worthwhile?


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          Originally Posted by bogboy View Post


          I've decided to start looking at running an ad campaign on Bing, see how that goes. Also, I've also started a competition on Facebook (don't know if I'm allowed to post a link here).

          I am going to search for fashion based blogs/forums and see if I can post some articles on them about my bags, do you think this would be worthwhile?


          The guest blogging idea would be great for both exposure and backlinks. I would suggest starting with these two sites. If you don't have any luck with the guest blogging networks then try finding the blogs manually. Guest blogging is easier if you write the article first and then promote it.

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            Thanks for that bit of advice and the 2 links, very much appreciated
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          Originally Posted by bogboy View Post

          I am going to search for fashion based blogs/forums and see if I can post some articles on them about my bags...
          That's good start if you are really doing it. You will get a double benefits by doig so. ake sure the website where you are publishing your article/blog does have an engaging user base.

          Ideas and Techniques to Make Money Online
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      Originally Posted by ronrule View Post

      You could try my WSO Your product is perfect for this audience.
      can this work with an Amazon webstore?

      <a href="">I'll Guarantee your first sales in 7 days or I'll PayPal you $500!</a>

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    The quality of your bags oozes through the pictures. I love the bags. Consider having a blog on your website, i think the backend story of your family creating the bags will be very interesting and will help with content on your site.

    Also, consider who your target audience are for these bags. Specifically who will buy these kind of bags and who have bought these kind of bags in the past. Where do your target audience hang out at? That is where I would start, if it were me.
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    Not traffic related but some useful tips (hopefully).. i would change your font. The minute i saw the website i felt it was very amateurish. You dont want that feeling coming across, you want the website design and typeface to speak to the user WHAT you are trying to sell through your bags. Are your bags luxury items? Use luxurious font. Is it everyday, work bags? Use something more rugged.

    Also not sure what platform youre on but it loads kind of slow. Could work on that for SEO.
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    Blogs and articles that link back to your website. One way is to have some fashion articles written and posted at ezinearticles with links to your site. Also, Facebook and Twitter promotion. Finally, some paid ads at Google or FB.
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    I think I have to agree on the font. The overall site is nice, though. Also, this site might do well with a North American audience, so I'd recommend a version that has US pricing as well as Pounds, or one that does both.
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    Getting backlinks is still an effective way to drive quality traffic. You can hire someone to get you quality backlinks for not a lot of money.
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    Good luck.

    I suggest making some cool product videos for your items.

    Sell our products online

    Or promote our products and earn cold cash!

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      I must say again, thank you for the replies and suggestions, all of which I will be taking action on.

      Many suggestions regarding different areas of the website, marketing and promotion, all which will take me a bit of time to think about and research but I will be acting them.

      Thanks again,

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    Hello Dan

    Like what CynthiaAngel said, I can almost smell the leather of your awesome bags. My suggestion is to run a giveaway campaign on Facebook, since your products are obviously desirable. Get people to like your page and share it with their friends to participate. If you don't know how to do it, rafflecopter can help, it's free.

    Once you have a sizeable base of Facebook fans, you can promote regularly using photos and posts like what you've been doing. This will generate a steady and sustainable flow of traffic to your shop.

    Hope this helps.

    Measure, manage and incentivize customer referrals with ReferralCandy.

    PS: Looking to get more repeat customers for a physical store? Check out CandyBar's digital loyalty cards!

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      Hi Dan

      your site looks really great.
      But as you have already noticed you are facing the biggest problem that all Website owners have: TRAFFIC

      There are a lot of succesful business people that suggest you go the other way around.
      Not building a site and search for traffic.
      Instead goto the traffic and present your products there where the traffic is.

      So why not sell your products on Amazon or eBay?
      There are a lot of buyers.

      There is a new course on FBA (Fullfillment by Amazon) that teaches that.
      The only problem is the whopping price of that course ($3497).


      WAIT! Don't Buy The Expensive Amazon Course "Amazing Selling Machine" for $4K.
      Start With The Proven Amazon Course First!

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        Thank you for the suggestions regarding a competition on facebook and using ebay/amazon as a place to sell my bags.

        Both are great ideas, I have listed on ebay so we will see how that goes, not sure regarding amazon as yet, need to take a good look at their fees structure and see how it will make a difference to my profits.

        I will definitely set up a competition on facebook, I've been thinking about doing this for a while but have never really been sure on the best way to go about it, so thank you for the link you provided.

        Many thanks,

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    I just wanted to say those bags are gorgeous! Are they yours/do you make them? Heck, even I want one!
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    Think about where your customers are already going... what site's would they visit already... then ask them if you can rent a banner ad on their site for a short period... say a few days to a week. If you get converting traffic... scale up.... if not, move on. Obviously I don;t know how well your site converts, so this advice is presuming that it does already convert well. If you don't know, well you need to track and test, ideally get a mentor on board that knows what their looking for!

    After 2 years 3 months of research... I found alternative's for essential tools (like gotowebinar, camtasia, survey monkey and many more) that are just as good as the ones you've heard about, but cost a ton less! So good even Guru's like Mike Filsaime have used and recommended them. Click here to find out what most insiders know but don't tell...

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      Thank you for the nice comments, we have a person who makes the bags for us based on our design, I wish I was skilled enough to be able to do it myself (or have the time to even try for that matter!)

      Doing a bit of research on websites potential customers visit is a good idea, we could certainly place an advert to drive sales.


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    You could also choose 10 of your best sellers and make a top 10 list of the best looking leather bags, make it a very nice page with pictures and links to your shop, and then focus your page promoting efforts (social sharing, ad traffic, etc.) to this page only.

    The top list format is the one I use on my site because it is very popular, people seem more willing to read and share those kind of pages even if the ordering is totally arbitrary and based on someone's opinion and nothing else.
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    That's what it is all about. Traffic.

    It really is what a newbie needs to master from the start since everything else
    is pretty easy. It's easy to build a site, create content....

    But when it comes to traffic, most people will fail.

    Try to learn paid advertising because once you know how to do it the possibiltes
    are huge.
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  • Be careful, though.

    Many times people build websites and think: "I NEED TRAFFIC!" and put all of their focus solely on that activity.

    However, traffic without analysis OF that traffic is fatal.

    You really need to be watching that traffic, and their behavior to make sure you're engaging them as well. If you're getting high bounce and exit rates, then don't blame it on the AMOUT of traffic you're getting!

    Make some adjustments to where they're going, and see if the changes you make are positive, or negative.

    Your website is a living being, that is constantly evolving, and about 90% of marketing is done ON site - optimizing, analyzing, and optimizing some more.

    Engage your traffic - keep them there - and sell a GREAT product, a GREAT way, and you'll see that the traffic you DO get converts.

    It's not a 'if you build it they will come' mentality.

    It's a 'Build it so they WILL come' mentality in website construction and traffic acquisition.
    Famous for my '$1000 dollar challenge,' I've been teaching people how to DOMINATE on eBay for YEARS. Sell 100% of your items FOR A PROFIT. Rank higher, sell faster, sell more, and DESTROY your competition with a data-based approach. Quit listening to Guru's-in-training! Click now below!
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    Sell your products on Ebay and Amazon and ask your customers to spread the word. Either that or you can get your website to the top of the search engines for keywords such as 'handmade leather satchel'.
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    You can try Bing Ads. Conversion rates are quite good.
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      Originally Posted by RMC View Post

      You can try Bing Ads. Conversion rates are quite good.
      I believe Bing offers vouchers for first-time users. If one didn't come with your hosting account search Ebay. You can buy a $200 voucher for about $5.
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    Don't forget Pinterest. I heard it's great for promoting e-commerce stores.
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    Hi Dan,

    Lovely products. Definitely recommend Facebook too. Build up a fan base by asking friends and family to share / like your products and links etc. Offer incentives to share etc. Competitions are great to and don't forget you might want to pay to promote your posts as it costs pennies but ensures that everyone gets to see them.

    On a separate note, I would be more than happy to list your products on our website. We would sell your bags and send orders your way for you to dispatch the items to our customers (drop shipping etc). This would help to give you a presence on an established website and to get the brand name out there a little quicker. I would also be happy to list the products on Amazon on your behalf, same technique as with our website and can also provide you with barcodes if need be for all of your products. If you are interested then please PM me.

    Google PPC can work, although your particular area is quite popular and will attract some very high CPC.

    I personally wouldn't cheapen the brand by listing the items on eBay, stick to Amazon and branded websites but that is just my opinion.

    Good luck.

    Our Luggage & Handbags eCommerce website

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    Forgot to add a second vote for Pinterest. We are making great use of that and seeing plenty of re-pins and a small but welcome portion of traffic. It's always easier posting to Pinterest if you have an existing share button on your website. You can pre-program the output text etc so that you get the keywords you desire and don't forget to include the £price as this outputs a nice corner banner on any pins.


    Our Luggage & Handbags eCommerce website

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    It looks like those are your products so I would also suggest starting your own affiliate program. Try to find a trustworthy network that will accept you. An in-house affiliate program is useless unless you can seriously build your brand to where people trust you. Right now you're not at that stage.
    >>> CLICK HERE <<< ====> 2,000 NICHE E-BOOKS WITH MRR & PLR RIGHTS! JUST $2.99! <====
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    Set your target to market your business through Pinterest. It will act as a great method to attract traffic especially meant for eCommerce business.

    Also you can focus on Blogs, articles as well as Forums that link back to your website.

    You can make some videos of the products and can upload in you tube etc.

    Also, Facebook , Google plus and Twitter promotion will also help in generating huge amount of traffic to your eCommerce sites.

    You can also focus on Google Ad sense - some paid ads at Google, also in Facebook.
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    I used to have a blog about handbags. It was just set up for Adsense revenue at the time and I don't have it anymore... but it got a lot of traffic. Steady traffic is a medium-long term strategy. Add a blog to your site, get on Twitter and connect with people interested in handbags and get on FB and advertise. Keep track of what works and focus your efforts there.
    * Get a free controversial new report from that explains why you're not making any serious money as an affiliate (and what you can do about it).
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      Another vote for Pinterest. Its the only social media that gets me consistent traffic and I'm not even in a girly niche.

      Your site would be even better suited to Pinterest because handbags are obviously girly and Pinterest is female dominated.
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    Many of the people already took my answer but here are some tips:
    1.) Make sure the SEO on your website is up to date
    2.) Create educational video reviews on youtube related to your products with targeted keywords attached to your title.
    3.) Blog about each of your products and give good reviews on them
    4.) Comment on other blogs with your link to get backlinks to your website or blog.
    5.) Participate in forums, I recommend travel forums if you work with people that need luggage
    6.) Create an affiliate program for your products and get other people to do the marketing for you.

    Other than that I hope this helps you get started.
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      Thanks for the extra tips, I'm going to create videos about each of the bags, showing the different features of them and explaining the different uses each one could have etc and put them up on youtube. Hopefully this would help generate a bit of extra traffic to the site.

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    You have received some great tips...maybe offer a few smaller ticket items for the possibility of a future upsell? Good luck and keep working on driving traffic and tweaking your offerings.
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      I'm currently in the process of designing some wallets which will be very reasonably priced and offer something a little cheaper to the bags.

      I'm quite excited by the design, fitting in with the leather bags but also offering something a little bit different to your average leather wallet.


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    Hi there

    First of all congratulations on such beautiful products.

    There are many great suggestions above in terms of enhancing your online presence and driving traffic so I won't repeat what others have said. However, I would also suggest that you look at the London Satchel Company and how they have developed their brand. I know their product is different but I think there is some crossover in terms of market appeal. They started very small but they seem to have been hugely successful in marketing their product and have been featured in many fashion magazines and publications both online and offline.

    If you do not have the budget to engage a PR firm (like many of us!), you may through some research be able to "reverse engineer" some of their campaign. If you have the budget to put together an appealing PR pack, perhaps including a product sample, you may get some press exposure if you forward it to some editors of appropriate publications.

    One aspect of the London Satchel Company's PR that seems to have generated a lot of media attention for them is the company's story ie. Mum started business because she needed to raise money to send her daughter to private school as a result of bullying. We don't all have such heart warming stories but in your case, with such amazing products, I sense their origin stems from some passion. Tell us, tell everybody you can! :-)

    All the very best to you. Have I mentioned that I love your products?!
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      Thank you, really glad you like the products.

      Thanks also for the suggestions. We don't have a big budget at the moment, so getting together a sample pack would be a great idea!

      We'd really like to thank everyone for your kind comments and suggestions on getting traffic to our site. As suggested earlier in the thread, we're running a competition now, until 13th April, so if anyone would like to enter for a chance to win one of our bags you can do so here:

      Facebook (just like the page & share the competition photo)

      Twitter (just follow us and retweet the competition photo)

      Many Thanks,

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    Hi Dan,

    Just entered your competition and liked your Facebook page. Let me know your thoughts on my personal message when you get a moment.

    Many thanks,

    Our Luggage & Handbags eCommerce website

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    Hey Dan, hadn't been following this thread for a while I was wondering how your site was progressing?

    One other suggestion for you if no one else has mentioned it - put a budget aside to do a PPC campaign, but NOT to see how profitable PPC is; do it to see what keywords convert. Then optimize your pages for those keywords that brought the BUYER traffic, not just the ones that brought traffic. This is pretty much the model we use for any clients who want SEO, I recommend at least $3,000. With your products you'll probably even come out ahead during the test, but the goal is to test a variety of keywords to get as much data as you can and then you'll know where to focus your optimization efforts. There is nothing worse than wasting time and money optimizing a site for keywords that don't convert.

    Ron Rule

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      Grab a $100 Adwords voucher and use it for PPC Product Listing Ads...the set up can be tricky, so that means less competition and thus cheaper clicks than standard text ads (especially because you have great looking products that should generate high CTRs).

      Conversions should be better too, so that would be the first thing I'd try for immediate sales. I second all the suggestions around Pinterest as well.
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  • We specialize in free and paid traffic. You can give us a try and get 3 days FREE Trial. Just pm me or email me on webrankingservices2000 AT gmail DOT com
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    Chad Traffic Blackbook for ppc.
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    The bags are very impressive.
    You may consider writing a press release. There are a lots of sites listed in Google.
    Here is one of the links.

    50 Free Press Release Submission Websites
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    SEO is will take some time, but do it.

    Look into media buys and buying paid traffic (PPC/CPM) on google/bing/facebook and other traffic sources.

    A high quality press release will give it some juice and get it in front of the right eyes.

    Also look to do sponsored posts on fashion blogs geared towards your niche. You need to contact them and work out a deal - may cost a bit, but worth it.

    You can also offer to do a guest post on niche blogs (you give them great content while supplying your link).

    Think of hiring a "celeb" to showcase your product. There are plenty of them out there that need work and you'd be surprised how cheap you can get them for. Contact talent agencies in your area and inquire of who they have available and how much it will cost, etc.

    Sometimes old school guerrilla marketing can still work wonders.

    * You may also want to think about building a list as soon as they hit the site (offer a coupon/discount) so you ACQUIRE that lead.


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    Basically, you need to do some SEO techniques and/or learn some traffic-generation
    techniques. Here are my favorite traffic-generation techniques:

    1. Create unique and fresh articles
    2. Social bookmarking of your site
    3. Article submissions - Submit your articles to multiple article submission sites
    4. Blogging - Set up a blog that promotes and links to your site
    5. Blog Commenting on relevant blogs in your niche
    6. Press Releases that announce/promote your site
    7. Yahoo Answers - Answer questions and place a link to your site
    8. Directory Submissions - Submit your site to relevant business directories
    9. Guest Posting on relevant blogs
    10. Video Creation and submission to multiple video-sharing sites
    11. RSS feed submissions - Submit RSS feed to multiple RSS submission sites
    12. Social Media - Get active in multiple social media sites
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