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Setting up my shop has been a great learning experience. I'm doing it all myself: 100%. Now, in terms of my site, I am trying to decide whether to stage the photos, unique to my niche, or buy, copy stock photos from the web. There is a lot of work involved in staging my own photos, I realize, but the rewards are greater I believe. What is your experience? Does it bring you any greater conversions, in the long run, or will it just provide you with the satisfaction that you did the staging, and all the experience that comes along with it? Don't want to waste too much time on things that will not result much in the long run. Thanks!
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    If you copy images from the web you are open to copyright issues so don't do that. If your niche is unique will you be able to buy images that really do your goods justice?

    I'd think for long term success you would want to produce these and own them. After all you alone can do them real justice.
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    You've make a great point!
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    When I was importing items directly from China I found that three of the items I was selling were outperforming everything else in my product catalog.

    At the time I was using stock images (provided by my supplier) and I thought if I had my own professional images taken that I would capture even move sales...

    I hired a photographer and a model to show off my products and they set up an entire professional shoot. I think I paid somewhere around $1.5 - $2k for everything. The pictures turned out AMAZING and my sales definitely increased....

    The problem was about two months later these photos were not just on my website but also on my competitors websites and dozens of other websites around the world who sell the same items! I contacted everyone to let them know the images were my property. Some websites removed them, but MANY left them up (in fact, if you search the item name right now on Google Images the entire first page is filled with MY product images on websites from over the world).

    The sickest thing is that when I asked other websites where they got the images from many of them said "from their supplier in China". Then I went on Alibaba and found my photos from all different suppliers in China (that I had never heard of)!

    My advice is to watermark the photos if you're going to pay to have them taken.

    Hope that helps!
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    Alksense, great advice!
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      Anton, kudos for you! I am the retired Master Photographer (my real title) and appreciate those who trust a pro. I photograph my own products also--who wants to use stock images everyone else has...

      Having said that, I am open to small product photography for warrior members only so if you guys need some, let's talk.

      The only way to stand out is to have original images----how MANY times have we all seen the cute, big eyed baby, chin on fist, under a blanket, in hundreds of baby related ads and products? This stock image is EVERYwhere!
      Wholesale/drop ship tutorials--LEARN HOW and where to get drop shippers
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