How to know if a dropshipper is Safe

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I been researching the dropshipping business and I have found that most of these dropshipper's you can buy the same item off ebay or amazon for the same price or cheaper. In fact, some wholesaler's prices are not much better the going to Best Buy. How can the little guy make a buck? I don't know about you but, I don't care what item I am selling, I just what to make a few bucks on it.
The following list of dropshipper I have found but I tried a new way to search for dropshippers and I found many more: When searching in Google use "We do NOT include our company name, logo anywhere on or in the package."
Has anyone used
How can you tell if they or any dropshipper is safe to use?

Action Figure Xpress
AHI Distribution
Allure Leather
Ancient Wisdom
Arett Sales
Azure Green
B&F / Maxam Wholesale
Bangalla Distribution
BBQ Fans
Bird Dog Distributing
Bradley Caldwell
Computer Gallery
Cutting Edge Products
CWR Electronics
D&H Distributing
Davis and Small Decor, Inc
DBL Distributing
Dr Bott
Dropship Direct
Dropship Direct Automotive
El Dorado
Essential Pet Products
EZ Dropshipper
Football Souvenirs
Green Supply
Guardian Survival Gear
Honest Green
Hot Stuff
International Wholesale Gifts & Collectibles
Internet Fulfillment Services (IFS)
JDS Marketing
Judaica Kingdom
MA Labs
Midwest CBK
Mirage Pet Products
Mom Innovations
Morris Costumes
Navarre Online
Nearly Natural Silk
Olympia Sports
Pacific Cellular Supply
PCI Dropship
Petra Industries
Premier Products International
Pure Mobile
RC Hobby Explosion
Rockline Dropship
Safety Technology
SED International
Sex Toy Distributing
Tactical Gear Distributors
Top Dawg Pet Supply
Trademark Commerce
United Stationers Supplies
United Stationers Technology
Viking Wholesale
Vivid Gemz Wholesale
Watch Wholesalers
WYNIT Outdoors
Zan Headgear
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    I personally only work with drop ship suppliers who do not compete with their retailers. Ones who's "job" it is to build their brands and handle product creation, brand awareness, stocking and fulfilling orders.

    Once you learn how to identify these brands/suppliers everything gets much easier... not easy, but easier.
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    This is something that I've spent a bit of time understanding. Some of the ones you listed like safety tech are a bit dubious. There are the companies like doba and salehoo etc.. they're subscription based but charge a fee. What I did with the products that I've looked into is find an independent wholesale company that will dropship. The good ones will make you show proof of EIN and or state business license, they will have competitve wholesale pricing, though some of them will charge a fee with dropshipping since it's not buying in bulk. If you need help researching one, I could help you with that. I might suck at marketing but I'm pretty good at this end of it.
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      I am interested in drop shipping and would like to do it as side business. How to get a "EIN or state business liscence?"
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        Has anyone worked with before? They charge a one time $99 fee to become a wholesaler but I need to know first hand experience how they are with drop shipping/returns/margins, etc.
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    typical dropshipping it changed a lot
    there is more retail abritrage going on

    at least on ebay
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  • When you find a dropshipper you like, there are a couple of questions to ask of them and determine if they are worth doing business with. We wrote a blog on finding reputable dropshippers not too long ago. Here's a snippet from that post of some questions to ask potential dropshippers;

    1. How do they handle returns? Returns, refunds and exchanges are inevitable in any retail business. No retailer is thrilled when a return request comes in, but an easy and hassle-free return policy can actually encourage repeat purchases. Of the 60% of online shoppers who make at least one return or exchange per year, 95% of them will make another purchase from an online shop if the return experience was positive. If the return process was easy on their end, a reported 64% of shoppers will refer their friends to that store. It’s worth doing the research to find a dropshipper that is willing to cooperate in the event of a return request.

    2. What kind of product details will they provide? You’re going to want as much detail as possible when listing a dropshipper’s items to your site. Make sure you can get good images (which they often will let you use), detailed sizing charts, product materials, measurements, shipping weights, etc. You can make your product pages more fun, personable or branded. These details provide a necessary foundation.

    3. Will they include your branded materials in their product packaging? Remember, you aren’t the only company using this dropshipper. To help strengthen your brand, differentiate from competitors and establish a firm community of repeat customers, it’s important to include branded materials in your packaging, like custom packing slips, shipping labels, etc. Not all dropshippers will be game for this, but the best ones are.

    4. How long does it take to ship orders? As in, how long is the fulfillment process for them to pick, package and ship the item to your customer? If their fulfillment process takes an average of five days, forget it. Find a dropshipper who has items prepared for shipment within one day, two maximum.
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