Magento; how to fix its all negative issues and make is faster

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One of my client is asking me to develop a ecommerce site for him by using Magento CMS. But still he has some issues with this CMS. I do not think he is fully satisfied with this platform.

Although, people are mostly accepting magento for their store and it is still world's #1 ecommerce solution, many people are questioning about some negative issues of this system.

My client did some research and come with some very serious issues that is making him puzzle and still confused whether he will go with that or not.
He pointed out few issues such as,
1. It takes long time to load the page
2. It requires heavy hosting server
3. Version changing issue
4. Browser cache
And so on.

It is true that magento takes long time to load normally unless it is optimized. And most people don't know that it can be optimized and the loading speed can be increased. In the other hand, most magento developer do not know or do not concentrate on it.

Few simple ways to speed up your magento site:
1. You need a dedicated server to host your site.
There are 2 ways to take dedicated server:
(a) Managed server with a brand provider such as Rackspace, godaddy
A managed server is always expensive
(b) Unmanaged server with ioflood or serverpornto
A unmanaged server is less expensive but it is require a server expert who is make it managed server. Though it is a bid costly but you can save huge by paying a large monthly bill.
In general, a expert charge $500+ to make it managed server.

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