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I posted a similar question in the main IM thread but figured this would probably be better overall. So right now my VA is building an online store to sell digital products. I run a game design website and I'd like to sell project files and ebooks and things of that sort through there. Initially I wanted to have the store set up so that users could easily upload and sell their own content like a lot of other digital stores but it was taking a while so I scrapped the idea and just wanted to get a store for myself.

So I have a few questions. First off what is the best "system" I can use for wordpress? I'm currently using Market Press which has a royalty feature in it, but I suppose I'd have to look deeper into it to see how it can be easily implemented within my site. I'm looking for something that's completely automated including instant payment with some sort of sales analytics.

Second question is, what kind of tax issues will I run into? In the other thread someone mentioned that I would need to have tax info for each seller and since it's just me running things that worried me. Is there anything that would also automate this process as well? If I had to hire someone to do all this stuff then I'd probably hold off on this stuff until I'm well established. Thanks for the help.

By the way similar sites are and
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    So I'm looking at Shopify and noticed they have the ability to sell digital content through their stores. I'm impressed with their content and I think it may provide a great stepping stone to what I want to get. I may just end up using Shopify rather than having to build this custom store from the ground up.
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      Looks like I'm the only one posting here. Nonetheless I had to make a decision to lay off my VA and focus my efforts on creating a Shopify store. The main reason I hired a VA was to get a store created and Shopify pretty much filled that need. Hopefully it all goes well. I plan on setting up a store this weekend when I get paid.
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  • So now much it is to start with shopify?
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    • I am thinking of CD baby to host my CDs!!
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        Honestly it depends how much you plan to sell and how many products you have. The very basic one is like $14 a month but the one I will get is $29. With that you can sell up to $3000 a month in sales which by that point I'll happily upgrade to the next one which is like $57 a month. That doesn't include any 'extras' you tack on like their plugins or paid themes but that's just the price of having a great store. I'll get this up and running this weekend if all goes well.
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        Originally Posted by IneekProductionHouse View Post

        I am thinking of CD baby to host my CDs!!
        You should contact Derek Sivers on his blog to see what he suggests.
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  • I'd seriously consider Magento Go in your case. Does downloadable products and costs $15 a month for 100 SKU's. Then install the PayMill extension who'll charge you something like $0.30 + 2.95% per transaction.

    Granted a little more expensive and perhaps a little steeper learning curve (I set it up on my own webserver) than the Shopify solution but it's an excellent system. Also gives you discount vouchers from the off
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