Back in the game and need some help

by amitos 6 replies
After a long break from online marketing, i have decided to get back in the game!
However, from my experience, this world of online marketing is in constant change and i feel like i have fallen behind.
I would very much appreciate if someone could review my new eCommerce site, and give me some tips as for what i should change.

Rose of Bethlehem - Unique Christian Jewelry

The site is up for about two month and the traffic i derive through paid advertising (facebook,adwords) has a quite low conversion rate and a high bounce rate.
The audience i bring to the website is my targeted audience, my ads have a good CTR and they are relevant to the website.

Kinda clueless here.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Too slow to load.

    Lack of gradient colors.

    Very amateur layout

    No call to action in the design

    The colors aren't that good either
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      The site loaded quickly on my en. I also checked the source and found proper meta info... Good work there.

      One big thing I'm sensing is missing from the home page is an 'Order Now' button for that main product you are promoting.... You've got all kinds of info, a video, but no buy now button.

      The less clicks a user must take to buy your items, the better the chance your site will convert.

      Lastly... How are you going to keep publishing new, relevant content to the site? Consider adding a wordpress installation to or something... This will help you generate all kinds of organic search traffic if you habituate publishing relevant/kw rich content to the blog on a very regular basis.
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    Too slow to load.
    layout is not good.
    color selection is not good.

    try more for perfect design
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      The site loads just fine for me. It might be how far you are away from the servers and the fact you are on shared servers which might slow things down on heavy load. I don't see anything inherently wrong with your site. I disagree with many people poopoo'ing the design and website.

      I guess the question is, do people actually buy those? Is it a problem with the web site or a problem with the product? This might be one of those products that works really well as gift shows and expos and less so online. Would people rather by a nice gold or silver cross versus something organic like this?

      You said you got good click throughs but poor conversions. It is what makes me ask about the products versus the website.

      Update: Have you considered advertising in the church circular? As a kid I remember the weekly newsletter having a page filled with ads.
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    Website loaded quickly for me, agree pretty much with OnlineStoreHelp, The webiste design is fine, I'd ignore comments against your design, design critique is very subjective, what is good for me is naf for someone else. I notice your Mother's Day Special has no link to the offer or even a page, you must do as we do in offline sellling, make it easy for the customer to buy, make it easy to link to information. Your 'sale' items are not blowing anyone away, $5 off an item costing $70 isn't going to change anyone's world, if need be up your RRP and show a bigger discount, and sell this discount with some sales copy, just stating Sale and then the price isn't good sales copy, in fact you have no sales copy at all, I think you need to 'walk' your customer through your store and make your store a pleasure for the customer to walk with you, make your site 'sticky', I'm not into this product but there is nothing there to make me wan to stay there. Maybe do an Amazon and maybe say 'customer who bought this also bought....etc. etc
    The site itself isn't bad at all, maybe as OnlineStoreHelp stated, is the market big enough, are you getting right traffic, best to have small amounts of right traffic than loads of wrong traffic.
    Good luck

    Win some or learn some.... everyday

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