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This is a bit of a unique topic. I posted this in the main forum, but I think it belongs here as well. It deals with monetising organic search traffic by selling a promotional t-shirt for a non-profit organization. See below:

NOTE: This question is for a good cause. It's for a non-profit foundation that helps children, immigrants and people suffering from ethnic persecution. We are based in the US, but we run global programs.

I have identified 3 keywords that receive roughly 1.5M unique monthly searches on Google. These keywords are highly relevant to a small ethnic community. (I am a member of this ethnic community.)

I think I can easily achieve the top THREE organic Google search results for all three of these words, and quite possibly the top FIVE. (There is no competition in this area.) The reason for this is that I run a well-established global non-profit organization for this ethnic group.

My goal thereafter would be to sell a promotional t-shirt to raise money for my non-profit organization. (We're a legit organization with our 501(c)3 recognition, and our board includes professors from Harvard, Columbia, George Washington University, City University of New York and others.) We also qualify for free PPC advertising from the Google Foundation.

My question to this forum:

1) If I can get the top three spots on Google for this traffic, how much traffic do you think I can expect based on the 1.5M monthly queries.

2) How much of that traffic do you think I can reasonably convert into the sale of a promotional t-shirt? (Remember, I have limited competition, and I'm a recognized non-profit organization.)

3) Assume that my t-shirt design is interested to people outside my ethnic group; if I took advantage of free Google PPC ads for non-profit fundraising efforts, how successful do you think I could be at selling my t-shirts to the average American citizen? (Assume my designs are similar to Under Armour-- sports-oriented, high quality and distinctive graphic designs.)

My main goal is to establish an ongoing revenue stream for my non-profit foundation. This is really for a good cause.
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