CVS Datafeed to submit to shopping engines?

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I have to vent here. I have a "web developer". He is an IDIOT. His specialty was supposedly in the cart that I have. Right. First of all I did the dang site myself. I just needed a logo made and some other tweaks. That was it. He got it two months ago and turned it into just freaking madness ( even screwed up the site several times). All the products were already uploaded, so when he was hired- I said I looked for a plugin or whatnot (if out there) that will give you a CVS file that opens in excel of the products, various products etc and will export them from the finished store and put them in a CVS File. I heard "Ill take care of it, Ill take care of it".
He sends it to me today. ITS AN XML SITEMAP. I want to freaking scream! For as long as he had it I could have just made my own danged CVS tab deliminated file to send to google feeds etc.
IS THERE a plugin that does this? Anything? Obviously he cant because he is a nevermind.
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