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Hello ,

As for today Im using for my amazon.com shop with Amazon fullfilment center ( I think it's best solution for Amazon sales ) .

I would like to start using also fullfilment center for my eBay store and my WP shop .

eBay : Consider using Amazon or shipwire

Wordpress site : probably also one of those 2

Shipwire - I think I'll make it with eBay integration so they will also upload the tracking numbers


use direct integration with PP ( as I use only PP for my WP site as well ) , however Im not sure ShipWire add tracking numbers to PP integration and it will be auto transfred to eBay ...

As you can see I have some mess here

I would like to hear your opinions about it ...

1.I use only fullfilment because of my location
2.BTW : I also interested in shipping worldwide specially UK / AUS / Germany/ Brazil
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  • Where are you currently located at?

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    what's shipwire and why should one use them?
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    If there's cross over in your inventory, you won't like carrying extra inventory so that it's available at two different fulfillment companies. If the inventory is completely different and separate, then the only issue you have is managing two different fulfillment accounts.

    I do feel Amazon's biggest weakness is it's complexity for international shipments so if you have a big international customer base then definitely go with Shipwire.
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    Hi , my storage is in Ukraine
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    What is fulfillment?
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    to store your goods at an outsourcing storage ( you can call it this way )

    and they will ship the goods to any address you will ask
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    I posted this in another thread, but I'm going to post it here too to cover my bases. I'm posting in this thread because it's on Shipwire so I thought someone here may have a lead. I'm hiring a shipping manager. This position requires good working knowledge of these 3 platforms: Shipwire, 1shoppingcart and Zendesk. Let me know if you have any recommendations or know of anyone!
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