wholesale from china, who do you trust?

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After searching some info, I noticed it is a chance to help you to source and ship from China to world.

Roger was born in 1981 a Chinese.
Graduated from college in mast degree on 2008.
Started for international business on 2008-present.(small business)

I can speak English and Chinese.

I am familiar with sourcing, international business rules.
I am familiar with online/offline marketing. start to learn SEO from 2010. then know WSO, BHT,BHW...

While business is business, wish everything was clear before cooperation.

I can
1. check your goods before shipment.

2. source goods for you. if you have a good idea, I will ship goods by express in advance, then pay me back after selling. amount is 100 usd/200usd/30ousd. no problem.

Yes, there are many cheats for some samples in internet, while I am interested in long relationships.

All goods must be made in China.
I am not able to source out of China.
Anyone who is interested in this small project. PM me.
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