Accepting payments from the UK from USA people?

by aZapX
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Hi guys, I am in the process of setting up my e commerce, however I am having trouble on deciding how I should accept payments from the USA.

Which payment getaway or processor would you recommend?

(I don't have a "usa merchant account"
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    I am interested in this question as well.
    The merchant account is to facilitate credit card payment is that correct? If i use paypal does that mean I dont need it?
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    Worldpay or Paypal

    You can also set up a multi currency merchant account with your local bank
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    paypal is the easiest way
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    PayPal or Google Checkout would be my first 2 picks.

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    If you need help accepting payments from either U.S.A or United Kingdom, We will gladly assist you with being able to do this.

    Please contact me either by pm, or email at
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    I 2nd paypal. You may want to consider stripe as well.
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    Consider using PayPal pro as a payment processor
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    PayPal is the best way to accept Payment from worldwide. It is most trustworthy Payment Processor. It also has the ability to accept credit and Debit card payments.

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  • All of the above are good references, but it also depends on your product model and how much volume you are looking to process. Paypal is great but can be very limiting if you're looking for higher monthly returns. What kind of product are you offering?
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    Paypal is the best way to accept payments...
    USA Bank Account + ATM Card for Non-USA Residents Service PM me
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    Whomever recommends you use paypal as your payment processor has probably never been on the receiving end of a dispute or charge-back and lost even though you showed all the necessary proof the transaction was legitimate, or the product was as described, or the product / service was received. So before you jump down that rabbit hole, go read PayPal Complaints, PayPal Customer Service & eBay Suspension Complaints or contact someone such as my self whom is in the international merchant services business, and we will be more than happy to help you.


    Mike Thomas
    V.P Business Development
    Piro Pay ltd.

    Email -
    Skype - Payment-Processing
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    Just Paypal...
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    We have three different virtual terminals available registered under 3 different companies. We offer virtual terminal services to multiple internationals and we pay them every 7 days through either paypal, wire transfer or western union. We have great customer service and we always have contact with our customers despite the difference in time zones. We give our customers access to this terminals where they can charge customers directly through their credit/debit cards, send invoice and manage their account. We also offer state of the art balance history where you can manage your finances and analyze your growth rates. We even offer pay roll and bill payments for your employees. Contact our head of customer relations at or skype me at briankiriba. Thank you
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