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Hi.I just want to ask if someone can recommend me a place for selling hand made items .I found a realy good supplier with this stuff hand made with very high quality and a very high margin.I already ordered a website to be made for me but want to find some other places to sell them.Thanks
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  • Etsy is good...

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    There's actually a market for handmade stuff on eBay. And as others have mentioned, Etsy would probably be one of the best options online. You could also hit up craft shows and community garage sales too.
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    Etsy is your best option but there are also other sites including ArtFire and Zibbet. And as mentioned, you can try eBay but I heard it's a bit hard to sell creative and handmade products there.
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    Bonanza is one that is free. It's a lot like artfire.

    Check out my blog and get a free gift!!

    Fly with Jaebek Lifestyle

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      Thanks for the info.Have you heard about
      It also look big and getting lot of traffic and sales.
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    How about starting your own site and just sell direct. Why pay feed and commissions to third-parties? You're already paying paypal fees. Keep more in your pocket! A website can be set up for under $10 a month.
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      Originally Posted by roblawrence View Post

      How about starting your own site and just sell direct. Why pay feed and commissions to third-parties? You're already paying paypal fees. Keep more in your pocket! A website can be set up for under $10 a month.
      I agree!

      The same visitors that go to those other site also visit Facebook, YouTube & other Websites. I'd spend money on some ads to build a audience and once you have a little community you can always share what you have to offer with them.

      And plus once you spend money on ads you will be able to know what keywords will be profitable for you which means you can then implement SEO!

      Don't go to these sources when you can go direct to the consumer yourself! Unless you wana pay those fees and give them a cut. I would try it just to see how it works. But never forget that you can go direct!
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    Its always better to build a site but is it it better getting more traffic from the big sites.I will think that over as well..I have no idea of coding or setting up a pages or content or uploding products on my site.I have always used amazon and ebay and other auctions.Maybe thats the reason .
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    Etsy is the go to place for selling handmade goods. You can also check out StorEnvy. They've done a good job at integrating social media into online stores to create a social shopping experience.
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      Etsy probably will be the better place BUT... have in mind that 95% of the traffic will be Etsy Sellers, so you will need promote your Etsy Store outside of Etsy (as you will do with any website) or else you are condemned to failure.

      My wife has a store there i know very well what i am talking about, so its better to have a good plan as you should have in any business.

      I wish you all the luck over there.

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    Etsy is the place as long as you will be doing some promotion. They are really the go to spot for handmade items.
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    My girlfriend has started an Etsy store and, since I am apparently the "make money online" expert in the house, she is asking me for help. Does anyone have any important resources/guides/ebooks that will help teach her everything she needs to know? I can explain SEO to her, but keyword research for Etsy and the ad system is beyond me.

    Sorry if I'm hijacking the thread :/
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    Your best bets: etsy (as others mentioned), bonanza, and even craigslist is a good place to get some publicity - just add a link to your store on your listing.

    You can use vendalism to post to craigslist - it makes it really easy to relist once your listing expires (1-click relist)
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    I appreciate this question and the ideas in the replies myself as well. i have never heard of etsy and the others but i will try them. Thanks for the question and thanks for the replies.

    PM me and I will respond as soon as possible

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    I think it will also help if you create a Pinterest account and post photos of your products there. Pinterest is growing these days and you may have better chances of exposing your products to the public.
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    I really got inspired by all the responses in this thread. I am based in Nigeria so not sure I can use Etsy. I will surely look into setting up my own Ecommerce store soon.

    Can use Joomla and Virtuemart perfectly and learning Magento and Pretashop now.

    Thanks all
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    etsy, I guess for self made products.
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      You can sell them on listingdock.
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    I think Esty, overstock and bonaza is good choices for you.
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      I would recommend etsy, bonanza and pinterest.

      An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

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    There are many sites by using which you can sell art crafts and hand made stuff.The sites that I would suggest you are shopify,scottsmarketplace, etsy,icraft are sites to sell the products for the air crafts.
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    I spend a lot of time with this niche, along with home decor, DIY, etc. I suggest looking at Shoppify if you want to have your own store. Use Pinterest to draw people to her site! Hugely popular. Think about identifying some of the popular blogs in that niche and doing either ads on their sites, or give aways (where they post the item, talk about it, and offer it to one of their subscribers who sign up for it.) That's very popular and a great way to draw attention to her product. Tell her good luck!
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