How to get more visitors past my homepage? (sportswear e-tailing)

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Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forum!

I have recently launched a website selling my first production run of training tops and shorts.

I have noticed that I have a high rate of new visitors who visit my homepage then exit. Could I get some feedback on what would draw more people/you to click on products (aside from more selection, which I am working on).

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    The pictures looks not real. You need strengthen the product description and pics. And you also need to improve your site's design, get a more attractive theme.
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    Your website needs more life and activity. It's hard to find people who will easily trust a website like this. You should advertise your business more. Get people to know it first and and what you can offer them. You can give promotions as well. Before you expect for any sales, you should make sure that your targeted clients know a lot about your products. Gain their trust first. In addition to the design, I think it needs improvement. I am no expert to designing websites but what I can say is that it looks flat. Anyway, good luck with your new business!
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    The site looks unfinished and looks more like a product display site than an ecommerce site. research all you can about building an ecommerce site becuase all the hep it would take to "get this right" is much more than can be covered in a discussion board thread.
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    The key to lowering your bounce rate is to have the content of a landing page, in this case your homepage, match the phrase that brought the visitor there. Give the visitor something to click on that matches their expectation! Since your homepage really isn't optimized for any keyword phrases, I am guessing that the traffic you receive is not very targeted.

    To optimize that page you should choose a keyword phrase that closely matches what you are offering. Then, put that keyword phrase into your meta title, meta description, h1 tag and at least 2 or 3 times within the content of the page. At this point you have no textual content on the page and this will be considered "thin content" by Google. Also, you have no real trust graphics on the site, and that certainly isn't helping you keep visitors around.

    Remember that your bounce rate and conversion rate go hand-in-hand. You need to get your bounce rate down if you want your conversion rate to go up!
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    Your image size on your main slideshows is too big all around the website, especially the front page, try and get the height on those things down around 400px and you should see some improvement, I don't know what resolution your running on your own PC, but if it looks good to you being that large it must be way above average.

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    Thanks for everyones suggestions so far, its been super useful! There are many limitations to what I am capable of doing myself using the shopify platform but I do plan on improving many areas of the site soon. Later on I plan to have a pro do an overhaul for me, probably change back to a white background as well.
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    I like the way your site looks. You could put more about your company in the about me section. You could also add more benefits for each item. To me they are a little expensive, but if you told me what makes them better then cheaper workout gear I'd be more interested in buying. BTW I like your designs.

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    Thanks Twink! If you don't mind, could you drop me a pm of your age, occupation, and what price you would consider fair?
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      Do your homework. Look at competitors websites. What are they doing? What type of content are they presenting on their homepages? More descriptions, links, building trust etc. As others have mentioned, your website feels unfinished...keep going with it. Cheers
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      A good idea might be to get an offer which is visible as soon as your visitors come to the site and that offer should be genuine and really something like giveway type. Trust me, once you establish the fact the your products are of good quality and of substance you can surely keep then going onto your inner page.

      One thing, I have found with most of my clients are that initially they forget about the fact that this online business is based on offline base and therefore, some offline marketing may help to not only boost the sales but also credibility.

      Hope a little tip might help you.

      Kind regards,
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    I could not get to your website. Is there a link somewhere that I am missing?
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    Communicate value. Give them something worth clicking on.

    Product links should feel more like "cool things I want to show you" rather than "give me money here"
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    Thanks for all the suggestions! I am still working on refining the website. There is still alot I want to do but I have been busy working on my kickstarter project now.

    Btw I have added my link back up to the first post for everyone that didn't see it.
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    Hey everyone! Just finished up my Kickstarter project. I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for press release writing? I want to send them out to online fashion magazine and blogs. I tried giving it a shot myself but it's definitely not my strongest area. Thanks!

    FYI if you wanted to check out the project,
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