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I am amping up my sites blog material--but I noticed there are no "share" buttons on the blog. No facebook like, pin etc. For the content to be shared, and a chance of increasing the readers, what is a quick way to add this to the blogg? Is there an app that will do this on Shopify?

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    I'm still working on my Shopify store. From what I see, the Shopify blog, included in your store, is pretty basic--not very robust at all. I have a WP blog, using Thesis, which has many free pluggins that smoothly integrate into most themes, even the free ones. This is where I got many share buttons; and easy to install. Once you get the blog set up the way you want, you can set the link from your store directly to your own blog. There you can set the thematic parameters as narrow or broad as you like. But, if you wish to use the Shopify blog, call Chris. He would know the ins and outs of the sharing buttons. Good luck
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      Hi there ,
      If you are looking for facebook like button then i think you should edit in HTML coding in your blog may b there is option for this .
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    Would it make a difference for SEO purposes--right now the blog is so basic looking, but to be honest, I perhaps just need to get over that and focus on sales for awhile. But I think if it looked a bit better, the audience would be more intrigued to follow the blog a bit better.

    Set the link from my store to my blog---I really am a newbie to this, where would I do this and where do I set up the original blog. I am using a paid theme--but I have two stores (both different themes) If its too complicated to do all this---I may just focus on the share buttons. But my plan is 1 blog post a day per site, maybe more--so if I am going to put in the effort, I may want my blogs looking a bit better.

    "Because in the end, you won't remember the time spent working in the office, or mowing the lawn. Climb that damn mountain."

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    Hi, Hampton,
    Sounds like you are a one person shop trying to do everything you can to make it happen. I have not linked it yet, as my store has not yet opened. Don't want people going to an "opening soon sign." I too have a paid theme. Vendors have given me the code to do this. I'm juggling both: building the store, building the blog. The paid themes on Shopify, supposedly, are SEO "maxxt," so I really wouldn't worry too much 'bout that just now. Without giving the store away, is your blog simply text or graphics and text, or just graphics e.g. images? People love pictures, charts, colors, with words falling last. Why is Pinterest so popping? Content, content, content. If you can get a following on your blog, it can drive traffic to your store. But, remember who your customers are when you think "theme." But, of course, a simple blog already connected to your storefront is easier to maintain.
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    Right now ---the solid consists of a solid article (I used to be a writer) with a graphic I create for the image---this image I use, I pin onto Pinterest and I will use on FB as well---all linking to the blog in hopes they check out the shop. I usually add the article title to the graphic etc---so it reads well on Pinterest.

    Yes --one person shop with way too much to do and not making enough money yet.

    So do I just leave it as is, and start pumping out the articles and get those share buttons for now--possibly I am thinking.

    "Because in the end, you won't remember the time spent working in the office, or mowing the lawn. Climb that damn mountain."

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    Are you using WordPress for your site? If so, there are lots of social plugins can add shares to each of your posts.
    Have a visit the link below:
    WordPress › Search for social « WordPress Plugins
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    For Wordpress site you can go Wordpress widgets and than you can choose social share plugin for your post
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