Can anyone recommend me a great Merch Acct?

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Hi everyone, barely getting into ecommerce sites... but had a quick question...

I was originally going to use paypal as the merch acct, but then i read that they withold payments for up to 21 days?

If so, does all merchants do this as well?

Anyone recommend any great merchants out there that allow me to move money as fast as they come in? haha

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    I use paypal pro for cc processing, although it is true they held my first ebay sale for about 2 weeks, they have NEVER held any of my ecommerce CC sales. In fact, I have it set up to auto withdraw the fund every night to my bank account.
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      Have you consider Worldpay? you could also have your own merch account as considerable and in addition sign up for PayPal payments pro ($5/m). It's always great to have at least one merchant account and one or more third party payment solutions.
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    I have been doing ecommerce since 2006 and my favorite solution so far has been over everything else I've used (PayPal, Google, etc..)

    It's worth looking into, especially if your shopping cart provider has automatic integration.
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    thanks everybody!
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      I started with an online store back in 2009 and still operate it. Here are some merchant processors worth looking into:

      2Checkout and Emerchant are the top ones I recommend.
      Drop Shipping Success
      How I Went From A Simple Idea To Processing Over $1,000 Dollars PER CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!
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    If you are in the US, you should try North Amercian Bankcard or Merchant warehouse.

    High Risk CC Merchant Accounts, Alternative Payment Solutions
    Offshore Bank Accounts and Incorporations.
    Email -

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    or you could give me a shout and our team will get you squared away with a nice shiny merchant account....
    Payment-Processing - Skype
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    Review Eproccessing network, Merchant Warehouse, and First Data. They all provide good customer support.
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