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So I came to the warrior forums to see what you awesome, seasoned people think about marketing this site: Safety Vests customised with your Company Logo and Free Shipping

Specifically i need to get more qualified traffic. We're currently only getting about 20 hits a day, and averaging about 1k sales per month.

Hoping to improve that, dramatically.

I'm not the owner of the site, but I've done the design and marketing up until now (except for the blog posts).

I want to offer my services in a type of retainer agreement, but first I want to give a preview of what I can do in my first week for free.

Any tips as far as SEO, getting traffic, targeting a niche, that I can get results in a pretty short time-span?

I've already got a few ideas about email marketing his past customers, and pumping more cash out of them. ... any other low-hanging fruit?
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    Another thing I'm curious about is... how long does a site like this usually take to build up a solid revenue stream?
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    Hopefully you are taking advantage of the mailing list. Are you following up with abandoned cart users?

    Have you considered FB or Google ads that target your location and construction?
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    only 8 people have signed up to the mailing list... haven't yet followed up with abandoned cart users, any helpful tips for that?

    as far as fb and google ads, I think that might be a goal coming up, so any help on that is appreciated.
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    You may need to make a detailed marketing plan. Email marketing is one of the best marketing methods for online marketing. Some other ways include social media marketing (FB, Google+, etc), Google adwords, guest posting, etc. You can choose two or more based on your needs. And you can search on related topic on the forum to find resources.

    You also can add some other solutions to improve sales conversion, such as live chat, which enables you to engage visitors in real time and reach out them proactively. It has been widely used by online businesses.
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    What about focusing on leveraging shopping feed like google shopping and amazon will that be a viable option for custom printed stuff?
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    I've learned that retargeting banner advertising is also a good way to increase your traffic as well as sales. Other suggestion is to post your website's link just about anywhere you think could help you like blogs, posting and commenting in other blogs and new websites, and of course, in social media accounts.
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