Has anybody tried Square Market yet?

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One thing I really like about Square is that they seem to be looking to provide a whole solution for on and offline stores. The founder of Twitter is throwing his hat in with some ecommerce with this latest offering.

I am very interested to see what will happen.
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    Looks interesting and will have to explore it more. They are taking a page out of the banks and Groupon's book and trying to bundle things to both attract and maintain customers. Banks have long figured out that customers that have multiple accounts are more loyal (less churn) then those with just a single product. That being said, we will have to see how robust the commerce platform is. Do you know are you able to use your own domain?
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    Nah, they're not ready to handle real business yet. No product import, export, API or other ability to make bulk changes. If you carry even just 100 items and have to adjust prices on a regular basis, it'd be an impossible amount of work with Square.

    I helped set up the tech side of a retail store. They use Shopify for the web store and Vend for the retail point-of-sale ("cash register"). The two sync with each other to keep inventory and pricing updated on both sides.
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      I absolutely agree that they may not be ready for the big times yet... there are certainly BETTER ways to sell, but you were hired to do the tech set up, right? Perhaps you are the person they are not targeting.

      Square's primary offering does not seem like it targets the "big times" and a person didn't need to hire a consultant or tech staff to get the device that plugs into their phone and lets them charge right there. I have seen that little thing in some of the most unexpected places (rural North Dakota at a local coffee shop when we were out deer hunting).

      Honestly, I see the beginnings of some interesting things potentially happening here that could really change the landscape of online payment & selling for an average seller.
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