Easy Digital Download aka EDD - do you use?

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I was wondering how many people use the Easy Digital Download Wordpress plugin shopping cart? It's free and seems to be pretty good if selling digital goods.

We've been thinking of developing a plugin so it talks to Warrior plus listings and allows you to license products using EDD extension and pass the PayPal IPN to your site, allow it to create a transaction ID and then hand the license key back to Warrior plus.

Would this be useful to anyone?

Just trying to see if it is worth doing as a WSO.
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    Yeah I've been using Easy Digital Downloads for a while now and I really love it! Hands down it's one of the best WordPress ecommerce plugin for digital goods. Unlike other ecommerce plugins, it doesn't come with all those unnecessary and complicated features. It's easy to setup. Just plug-and-play like USB!

    I think developing an extension for WSO would be a good idea. What about the license?
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      License for our Plugin, hmmm.. Well, I'd just do it as a one size fits all sites for summink like $18, that sound about right?

      I reckon it would take me 2 weeks to nail it and ensure it worked.
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    Actually we might give it away to some Beta testers, if anyone is interested?
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      Sure. Please count me in. Thank you.
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    OK, well we will probably do a free offer for WF members then to ensure that it is used!
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    I used it for a little while back in February, but had a heck of a time getting it to work properly with PayPal and the IPN. For some reason it wasn't handling IPN notifications so users weren't getting the email with their download link. I manually edited the PHP files and changed the IPN notify link (I forget exactly what I did now though) and did end up making it work, but then an update came out a week later and overwrote my changes. I gave up. It may have been my WP setup since I'm also using Cloudflare, but I could never seem to get it right. I did like it a lot though and would be willing to give it another shot. Warrior+ and JVZoo integration would be nice as well

    Ron Rule

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    Well we have now done the Warrior part - and it handles the licensing and hands back a valid license for products using their licensing extension. We'll work on JVzoo soon :-)... First we have a WSO to launch!
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