What Type Of Navigation Works Best For An Ecommerce Website With Many Categories?

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Im curious what everyones opinion is for the best type of navigation layout for an ecommerce site is that has tons of products.

For instance here are the ones i see most often.

1. 6-8 categories across the top as main navigation with sub menus under those
2. Amazon style with the slideout on the side
3. Navigation bar at the top with a drop down menu showing more items
4. Left side navigation

some examples of these would be overstock.com amazon.com cmdstore.com etc

What do you think is the best type and layout for a store from these or is their something else that is reccomend for webstore?

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    I think it really depends how deep your inventory is. Categories, sub-categories and filters become more useful once you have a large amount of inventory. For example, Shopify, is a perfect example if you don't have tons of categories.

    Believe it or not, I think it is more important that you have a clear, concise and consistent category structure then exactly how people access it. I have one customer whose categories and sub categories are all over the place, and he wonders why no one orders in those categories.
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    Well heres my dilemma. I want to take one of my brick and mortar businesses online to add an ecommerce part with it. Starting out id have around 1000 different products. Im just debating on which provider to go with. Ive been looking at Volusion and Magento. Any recommendations on those or maybe another one?

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