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I have access to be able to buy some adult toys for a good deal and will be able to easily make a profit with them on Ebay.

I heard that it is illegal to sell adult toys in some states. Can I get in trouble if someone buys my item from ebay that happens to be from one of those states?

Thanks for the info.
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    I previously owned and ran a large and successful eCommerce site in this field. You are very smart to look into this topic before you sell these products because it's a HUGE and COSTLY problem if you get in trouble for selling these things where you shouldn't.

    I am not a lawyer but you should google "obscene device statute" and make sure you know which states have these laws. If you are serious then consult an experienced attorney who specializes in adult entertainment law. PM me if you need a recommendation.

    As I recall, Kansas, Louisiana and Alabama did. Texas also did but it was overturned. Generally the bible-belt states are the ones you need to be careful with.

    BTW- make 100% sure you have the proper age disclaimers (over 18) before you sell this kind of merchandise.
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    DO NOT promote Adult offers or sell Adult Rubbish , or you will be penalized.
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    It's absurd that we live in a world where the prying pervert voyeurs in government feel the need to concern themselves with the goings on in our bedrooms.

    They get their vicarious jollies while persecuting victimless crimes on the platform of "family values". Hypocrites of the highest order.

    I am not a survivor.

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