How I can Get My Website Back from New Owner

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I was working on domain We are two partner.He used my name for registering this domain but he created his own account on After 1 year we close the partnership and My partner leave the domain. I was domain owner. But after one year domain expired. I tried to renew but I got the message that this domain is linked to an other account.

I have tried to contact to hosting company but no response. Two days before I checked, some one purchased my Domain.

I want to get my domain. How it is possible? Is there any solution?

Please suggest me what I can do for this
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    sounds like you may be out of luck
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    That's unfortunate man... if you don't have anything legal (ie, a trademark), you're stuck with trying to contact the new owner - try not to sound too desperate when emailing him or her.

    Otherwise, just move on and restart - do it better the second time
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    Yep, unless the two of you signed some sort of binding contract together (I'm guessing you didn't, by the sounds of it), you're pretty screwed. Take it as a life lesson, I guess. Sorry to hear that. Quality content always wins, though, so don't lose heart!

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    Consult a lawyer. Only pay him if you win.

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      Valuable lesson here. If you are the owner of your digital assets, you should have complete control of your portfolio...period, no one else.
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    Your best chance is buying it back from the guy who bought it. Contact him make a deal with him...

    Just now, that the world is not over...if the current owner does not let go and find you self a good expired domain on expireddomains and buy them...

    let me know if you need help deciding what domain to buy from SEO point of view..
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