What would the cost be for my first ecommerce site?

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What would be the cost for my first ecommerce site?

Can you give me a rundown of what to do to become successful in it. Just a quick list of what someone would need to do to create and run a successful ecommerce site.
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    How to set a e-commerce website? It may help you, though the pricing are best on the basis of Indian market, you can make mind and estimate youself
    How to set up E-commerce Website | India WEB Designs
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    You need to consider the cost in building the following assuming you're starting from scratch:

    website design
    back-end system (panel)
    product description and web contents (content writing part)
    SEO (keyword research), if applicable)

    The cost of each may vary depending on the volume of work needed to accomplish each task. What products are you selling? How many products in total?
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    Originally Posted by chdduncan View Post


    What would be the cost for my first ecommerce site?

    Can you give me a rundown of what to do to become successful in it. Just a quick list of what someone would need to do to create and run a successful ecommerce site.
    Hey chdduncan,

    I can help you build an ecommerce site based off of Magento.

    I want to be honest and let you know that I've worked on various regular websites before but never an ecommerce site. I've played around with Magento as a designer and developer and consider it the best platform, but have never created an ecommerce site for a client. I would be willing to help you at a very economical price. PM me if interested.

    Also, you can try building the site yourself. You can download the Magento platform locally and build it as you want. Then when you are happy with it, have it go live.

    I can also give you tips for how to set this up if thats all your looking for.
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      Without a little more information its real hard to answer the question. Part of it depends where you are based at, what you want built, whether you are hiring or doing it all yourself, etc.

      Some basic costs:
      Shopping Cart - $10 - $199 a month.
      Merchant account - 0 - $60/ month
      SSL Certificate - 0-$10/month
      Licensing and government Costs - 0 - $500/year
      Marketing tools - 0 - $300/month

      Lets say I have a 100 SKU's and I want to do it all myself with no hassles, my costs would look like this (this is specific to me and it will be different for you).

      Hawaii GET Licence - $20 one time
      LLC - $50/year
      Registered Agent - $99/year
      BigCommerce beginner plan: $25/month
      Stripe Merchant Account: 0/month
      SSL Certificate: $0 (I used the shared SSL cert BC provides)
      Mailchimp paid plan: $15/month
      Facebook promotional tool: $30/month
      Hootsuite: $9.99/ month
      Referral Candy Business: $45/month
      Google Adwords: $150/month (5 bucks a day)
      Ring Central Phone Number: $150/year

      More products, more functionality, need to hire someone, it runs the gammit but this is a nice cross section of costs.

      If you are not technical, don't do Magento, start out with a hosted cart and if you do well, then move over to hosted. Not sure about what cart to go with? I have done some reviews and walk throughs here: e-commerce Archives - Online Store Help

      Hope this helps.

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    I'm going to assume that you're starting with no knowledge, no idea of what you're doing, nothing. But that's actually a horrible place to start. You'll save yourself a lot of pain and $$ if you do your homework before you begin.

    1: What are you going to sell?
    2: Why should anybody buy it over whatever else is easily available on the market?

    You have to answer these questions before anything else. Shopify, BigCommerce and several other platforms allow for free trials, so set up accounts and test them out. See what gives you a feel that you like. You will learn 10x more from that experience than you will from reading about it.

    I have to agree with Chris from OnlineStoreHelp- Magento is hard to start with if you're non-technical. Get your feet wet in the easier-to-navigate platforms first.

    Cheers and good luck~

    Measure, manage and incentivize customer referrals with ReferralCandy.

    PS: Looking to get more repeat customers for a physical store? Check out CandyBar's digital loyalty cards!

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    Cost of your site depends much upon region and your demands. For my first webstore I would plan apprx $250-400 or even less. It`s just to make some experience, not to build any 'serious buisiness'. If you plan smth serious prepare to spend apprx $1900-7000 (design, programming, hosting) or more for the 1st year. Just to keep it alive -- without hiring any additional content manager or support or buying expensive additional services.
    Hope it`ll help you to realise about prices.
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    There are several ways you can start your first ecom website for under $150 all inclusive. Do you have multiple products?

    I would suggest you use an open source cart solution. Most paid services are also built over open source.
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