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Location finder systems have gained widespread popularity. Having said that, Gwebpro Store locator wishes to make a difference. In this fast forward world of today, people are inclined to believe that things come easy on their way and with ever growing demand for location based services; store owners have been listing themselves on popular store location plugin systems like jQuery and Store Locator Plus on Wordpress.

What makes Gwebpro Store Locator different?

With Gwebpro Store Locator, you can not only add stores but also store categories. The admin panel is a breeze to use and every single update made from the admin gets reflected in a flash. For each and every location search, you are prompted with auto suggestions which is unique and well thought of. The colored pins can easily be shifted from one place to another and with change in your location, the store location also changes. By default, you are presented with your current location and nearby store positions are also suggested.

What it means for store owners?

For store owners, Gwebpro store locator is an absolute boon. Not only they get to add their store but also list them under relevant categories. With each visitor, the plugin works to pull in data and present with the nearest store location. Hence, it not only serves as an effective tool of marketing but also boosts the foot traffic for all physical stores.

Users are also free to change their location following which the nearby store locations also changes. The differently colored pins make sure that one understands the shift from one location to another easily. Once can also change their location by entering city, place or zip in the Change location field. The height, width and the number of stores to be displayed in each search along with preferred radius can be increased or decreased according to a user's choice.

Gwebprostorelocator-Location search simplified

Key features

● Use it to add both stores as well as store categories.
● Flexibility to add your store address and store location in the map, at the time of adding a store.
● It auto populates a list of suggestions when adding your city, state, country.
● Set map height, width and no of stores to be displayed on one page. Specify or limit the radius for search from visitor's current location.
● Display your store in the front end by adding [GwebproStoreLocator] short code.
● Displays nearest stores automatically against visitor's current location (within a specified radius) from the admin.
● Change your location by entering city, place or zip in the Change location field. Users receive a list of suggestions that populates automatically.
● Displays the current position of the user and store locations with different colored pins to easily understand store locations.
● Flexibility to drag and change visitor's current location by dragging and dropping visitor's current location pin. Users can easily change their location and search stores accordingly.
● Clicking the store pins shows the store address followed by the direction and distance to navigate easily.
● Search for stores from the lists of stores by inserting any related keyword.


● PHP 5.2.4+ (same as WordPress 3.3.2)
● WordPress: 3.3.2+

Main Plugin

1. Search for "Gwebpro Store Locator "via Plugins/Add New on your WordPress admin panel.
2. Click Install.
3. Add your locations through the "Add Store" page in the GwebproStoreLocator admin panel.
4. Create or edit a page and add the [GwebproStoreLocator] short code.

Plugin Developer: G Web Pro Marketing Inc.
Download from wordpress plugin directory: WordPress › Gwebpro Store Locator « WordPress Plugins
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