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Hey guys, I am new to warrior forum so hello everyone!!!

I need a little bit of advice about selling training videos. I am planning to create a site that sells training videos. I am pretty computer literate and can follow instructions easily (but not coding or anything) although my experience is pretty limited, I have only every created one simple site before using wordpress.

I was however planning to create the site to sell training videos myself (I was considering using something like big commerce, shopify or wordpress). I have been scouring the internet all day to find a service that suits but am a bit lost.

the way I see it there are a couple of options

1. use a service like fetch on shopify to have links to video downloads emailed direct to customers

2. find a service (similar to vimeo pro or apple tv) that allows customers to 'rent' a video for a 24 hour period, or buy it out right. Allowing it to be streamed (provided the are logged into their account) at any time.

3. a subscription service where customers sign up and are allowed access to stream the content while their subscription remains active.

There are a couple of considerations I need to consider.

1. the market is pretty niche, but that said users who use it are likely to know and share with friends who may also wish to use the videos. I it to be difficult for users to pirate the material, or to share their subscription details with friends (ie the details only allow one person to log into a subscription at any one time)

2. there will be a high demand for the videos, so I want to find a product or service that is paid for outright, rather than payment being based upon a commission on sales.

3. I am curious, do i need to be worried about security, or will paypal and whichever credit card service take care or that?

4. If I am signing up members is there a specific app that Is best for signing them up with, keeping track of them, contacting them and monitoring their use?

Thanks a lot guys!!
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    What you are looking for is membership management software. There are lots of threads here on that topic. Do a search and you will get tons of ideas.

    I am partial to aMember/Wordpress. It will do everything you are looking to do, has great support and is pretty intuitive to use.
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      thanks heaps rocket, I will get onto it!
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    Maybe you are looking for customer management software. And you can use WordPress to establish your site, there are many plugins which almost meet all your needs. And you may need add live chat to your site, which helps you improve customer satisfaction and sales conversion, such as Comm100 Live Chat, Live Person, etc. Besides, social media marketing may be a good marketing channel for your site.
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      thanks smileverse. my intuition is that live chat probably wont be necessary for my site, but I will keep it in mind nevertheless.
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        Have you checked out Tinypass or paid memberships pro? I am curious because I am trying to do something similar- setting up a premium area in my website to sell memberships for access to video.

        I found a good wordpress theme called subscribely, which you can get a free trial of just to play with. Also viddler, a video host, video player, and wordpress plugin. Not sure what people think of these, but they seem to be the best solutions to my needs, and perhaps yours too.
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  • Curious about what you have discovered up to this point and wondering if you would look at a platform that I am currently using?

    Looking forward to connecting with you and all the best to your success.
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