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Hello to all! I am a newbie here, and have been working on a breast cancer site that is very personal to me. I have been searching, reading, and trying to create the best e-commerce site possible on very little experience, and also learn the seo process. This is what I have created so far...and would be very appreciative of ALL opinions...good and bad! My site is Breast Cancer Store. Please advice, and thank you in advance!

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    For a store that is based on a niche this personal you definitely want to have more images of people with your products, I wrote a pretty decent run down of that Here.

    Lover of Ecommerce at eComLab.

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      Congrats on getting your store up and going. I have a little bit of advice for you and hopefully it will help you out.

      Prestashop - Good choice and a popular one for people starting out. You have a mobile site which is great as well.
      Hosting: Be careful with your hosting as at least on my end, the site is a bit slow, and since you are through inmotion hosting, you are right in an earthquake zone in Los Angeles
      Product Descriptions: Work on your product descriptions as they are very very short. Fill them out with at least 200 words and make sure you use H1 and H2 tags.
      Are you donating % of proceeds to research? I would think in a store like this you would. Make sure you let everyone know you will be and even where. Doesn't have to be Susan B Komen but it could be to a local cancer research hospital but people want to see if it is a site like this, then a percentage is going.
      Reach out to a local breast cancer foundation and set up a special coupon just for them and give a small percentage off and agree to donate so much per order. Great way of building your list and getting others to market for you.

      Hope this helps.
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        Thank you very much!! I will definitely take your advice.
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    I have visited your site and it looks good. There are three suggestions to you, hope helpful for you.

    1.You can build a blog, which is good either for SEO or user experience. You can share valuable resources there, such as latest news and some tips about breast cancer.
    2.The loading speed is a little slow. Loading speed is an important factor to retain visitors and cut down bounce rate.
    3.You can add live chat to your site, which helps ecommerce sites to increase conversion rate, such as Comm100 Live Chat, Live Person, etc.
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      Thank you for the advice Smileverse. I am planning on adding a blog very soon. How can I change the loading speed? Is this something I can change? Also, I tried setting up videodesk on the site and got an error. I will try one of the live chats that you have mentioned. Again, Thank you!!
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