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Dear all,

Recently I'm planning to develop a website where to sell sex toys, and I have contacted Shopify (Australia's Ecommerce Software Solution | Shopping Cart Software - Shopify Australia) to asked about do they allow this kind of contents. What they told me is I'm ok to sell sex toys with them but the only concern is about the payment gateway. So do you guys have any experiences about paypal , google wallet , or other payment services with some products which labelled as "high risk" ?
Thank you.

Here is the reply from shopify :
Shopify as a platform places no restrictions on the type of products that you sell, so from our side, you'll be alright! As long as it's legal where you are, we have no issue.

The only issues you might run into are with the payment gateway that you choose - this is considered sensitive or 'high-risk' material, so there are some gateways which would not allow you to process transactions for them.
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    PayPal allows you to sell physical sex/adult items such as sex toys, DVD's etc.
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    Sex toys does not equal porn and Paypal accepts porn no problem.
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      yes, thanks guys. PayPal replied me and said I'm fine to use their service
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    Paypal does accept adult toys, but you have to be careful about add ons you might want to sell such as medicinal/herbal products, any sort of on demand service, (like a video on demand ad on your store), etc. Their list of disallowed items can be pretty broad and subject to their intreptation. If you have any other business you use Paypal for, I would suggest setting up a separate business entity and Paypal account for your adult one just in case.

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    Give Stripe a try - no payment gateway or merchant accounts needed. You can accept credit cards directly on your site.

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    Stripe or maybe braintree? Don't know if the latter will underwrite for that niche.
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