how can i create backlinks for ecommerce site

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hello ,
I'm in the process of creating a site to sell physical products. I was wondering what kind of backlinks i can create for my ecommerce site. I know that the usual method is through articles and i have done some of that . I have a blog section in my site and i post usefull relevant articles. I also have few 4-8 web 2.0 site that i have been posting unique content and linking them to my money site and also to each other. I have also submitted them to Ezine. What other methods do you use ?
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    I'm interested in learning ways to backlink as well. One additional possibility I think you could do is have your suppliers link your website from their website...
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    You can build backlinks by multiple ways, such as guest posting, forum posting, etc. For guest posting, you can find the list of blogs related your niche words which accept guest blogs, create high quality content and post on them.And when someone talks about your products in forum or communities, you can suggest your site to them.
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    It depends what market you in - it's almost pointless doing article marketing, press releases etc now. Google have really clamped down on it.

    You need to create content that people WANT to link to - simple as that. Create something amazing that makes people want to talk and share.

    You can try writing content for sites that are 'related' to yours. I would avoid linking with keywords (just your url)

    Run competitions for related sites?
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    For a ecommerce site selling specific products the best links you can have are from the manufacturers. 90% of our sells come from direct links on "where to buy" pages from our manufacturers.

    I just made a post yesterday on this forum about what some of my competition is doing to create a monopoly on certain keywords. Check it out. I put a lot of thought and analysis into it. All it takes is time and money and you can dominate your markets search results.
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