Selling Cowboy Boots on Ebay

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My friend has 2 shoe stores that specialize in cowboy boots aimed at the Mexican market in the US.

He can provide me with very low prices, no minimum order. In other words, I can purchase 1 pair of boots from him almost at wholesale price (He will be making very little profit).

Do you guys think selling new cowboy boots on ebay without me having to purchase stock is a good business opportunity? I have no experience selling tangible products online. Any tips, ideas, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Yeah, have a look on eBay see if they sell, some people are mad about cowboy boots and you could potentially ship worldwide. If you go on eBay and next to search hit advanced and put in cowboy boots and select items completed / sold it will show you how much they sold for and the interest, bids etc.

    If you don't have to make any minimum orders this is good, saves you the initial investment, is this going to be a dropping shipping service where your friend ships the boots you order from him when your customers purchase?

    The good thing about you having the stock is that you're in control of how it is shipped, packaged and sent. If you never see the stock you just have to hope your friend ships it off on time and packages it well.

    Make sure you work out the sales price, your wholesale price and take into account the shipping costs and eBay / Paypal Fees.
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    they work great, i have listed that for my business contact, not only boots, ladieswear & gents boot with several color / size variations
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    A quick search on eBay will tell you if they sell well there, which I am guessing they do. I have recommended this a few times to people who are finding it hard to find stock. There are lots of bricks and mortar retailers who have a good channel of inventory and who would like to sell online but are plain afraid, or don't have enough expertise. It seems like a perfect partnership if you can get your prices and agreements in place (before you start).

    One bit of caution—I have seen some cases where sellers just like you are doing really well (for yourself and the offline retailer) and then the retailer decides they don't need you for the ebay selling expertise.

    Good luck and yeehaa!!
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  • The problem that I see with the 'research' processes presented here is that you're researching a 'product' against its 'niche'.

    That doesn't yield accurate data.

    For instance, I could have two shirts - both of them the exact same size, same color, same material, EVERYTHING. If I was to research those against each other, I could reasonably assume they would sell for around the same price.

    However, if someone (authorized) decided to put a Nike Swoosh on one of them, we could reasonably assume that the price difference would be 50 bucks apart! Yes, they are similar, but they are not the SAME.

    However, we're still looking at 'shirts' - or, the 'niche'.

    We cannot ever research a 'product' against its 'niche' and assume that the research in price (and format it sells in, for that matter) will ever be accurate based on the products' behavior.

    What you NEED to know is how much THAT boot sells for - what format THAT boot yields the highest price, and if the 'wholesale price' your supplier gives it to you for - after deductions is even worth it.

    We can't assume that the 'very little profit' the wholesaler is giving to us is even true - because sellers don't choose prices items sell for. Markets do. And we have to accept that those prices, minus deductions make us a profit.

    But we have to find that market worth FIRST before we pull any trigger, as we cannot ever make any assumptions and think we'll be viable as any business.
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    I guess if you don't have to hold stock go and test it - that will give your best data.

    It's going to cost you very little to get started.

    Make sure you use a great photo and give as much detail as you can.

    Try different prices - higher prices = people think quality (and will probably give you better margins)
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    The only things that sells products on Ebay is want. If someone wants what you have and you package and present it nicely, you will make a sale. If you don't know how to properly present the product in an attractive way on the page, you are likely to miss out on the sale. This is especially true with tangibles like clothing and boots.

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    Be careful with returns. Among other categories, I sell apparel on Amazon and the return % is very high do to sizing issues. I personally buy shoes from zappos and probably return half of them just do to size discrepancies between brands.
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    This guy sell leather goods.
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