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    Originally Posted by actress6 View Post

    how are you driving traffic to your ecommerce site?
    Digital marketing should be your first priority - things like email, social media, paid search, seo, re-targeting etc. Read up on this stuff here on WF or on sites like Moz and eConsultancy. Try the apps on Octopus to see which Marketing tools work best for you.
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    The quickest way to test is ppc - fast, targeted traffic. Once you know people will buy from you - you can expand into other media.

    It's almost pointless doing seo, social media if no one wants your product (in the way you are selling it) you're just wasting time.

    http://www.SplitTest.com - Increase Your Conversion Rate Guranteed
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    facebook, article, video and forum marketing
    ppc and ppv.

    there are so much ways to promote it
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    facebook, article, video and forum marketing
    ppc and ppv.

    there are so much ways to promote it
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      There are a lot of resources on the subject in this forum. One of my go to experts on this subject is Kim Roach. She is here on the forum. You may want to check out some of her traffic techniques.

      Get Custom Animation Explainer Videos starting at $29 per minute
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    Here's a link where you can learn How To Increase Website Traffic.

    I hope this may help you!
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    Advertising would vary based on your website / product.

    I am currently relaying more and more on paid advertising.
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    there are different methods to drive traffic for not only e commerce site but also each site. like- SMO, SEO, google adword, Mobile marketing and video marketing. Most effective and quick ways to drive traffic are google adword and social promotion. Rest it depends on your budget.
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    My preferred traffic is paid clicks. They are good to determine profitable keywords to use for SEO. Others like forum posting and social media may work, but as other mentioned, it takes time. For me, it depends on what products you sell. If you target older population, they may not use social sites as much as younger population.

    Perseverance is the key! Keep walking toward your goal, regardless how slow you walk as long as you never stay still in one place.

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    Here is a Facebook project where you can promote your site for free. Just like & share.
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    Here is a great idea that works for me to drive massive traffic to my ecommerce website:
    buy a facebook update status on 1 million facebook likes page and watch your traffic explodes.
    a post on a 1 million likes facebook page can bring you more than 5000 visitor.
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    I've had good success with cheap traffic from earneasycash
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    Drop by drop you make a river. It's a bit of everything i.e. ppc, seo, newsletters, blogging and special offers. You can't just rely on one thing.
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    Create a network of sites targeting the same keywords. Have them all back linked to each other. Create multiple blogs with high keyword density. Include a link to your main site in them. Sumbit your url to directories. Setup Google Shopping etc for your main site. Facebook - Promotions - Free Shipping - Newsletters - Stuff keywords in your Meta titles and description and make sure you use header tags.. Eventually. Boom. Front page of Google.
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    #1 is to re-engage past customers - it's free and easier to sell to someone who's already bought from you than to find a new customer.

    You need to set a budget aside to do some Pay-per-click testing using AdWords. And I don't mean $50 or $100, I mean a minimum of $100 per day for the next 30 days (so about $3,000).

    You need to be prepared to lose this money ... this is to establish your baseline conversion rate and drive enough traffic to have some actionable data. Use the keywords that are the most specific to your products, so you know you're getting 100% targeted buyer traffic and see how your site converts. This will also tell you which keywords brought you the most sales, and other valuable information about how your customers interact with your site.

    Once you've done that, you'll have the data you need to make profitable marketing decisions on the next buy - and what keywords converted best. So next month, do the same thing but focus ONLY on the keywords that actually made you money. Meanwhile, you can work toward optimizing your site for those keywords organically to offset your PPC spending.

    Forget about blog networks and cheap ads and all of the other B.S. ... none of that stuff will help until you know what your customers want and how well (or poorly) your site converts. AdWords is the fastest way to figure that out and, once you know, THEN you can deploy some of the other recommendations made here to drive traffic. But you need the data first.

    Ron Rule

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      Disagree. Most of the top ecommerce hits on Google are owned by corporations. Corporations who have built a network of sites related to the same niche - selling the same products - Backlinked to each other. Word of the wise. You wont sell products from Google search traffic until you actually get some Google search traffic. If all of your keywords plant you on the 2nd + page you might as well forget click traffic.

      As far as Adwords - It depends on your market and niche. I`ve seen thousands spent on Adwords with horrible ctr and conversion rates. After the initial data Adwords seems to be a waste - You will have better luck spending that 3k and targeting local customers and local TV/Paper advertising.

      Take part of that 3K and buy up vendor memberships in your niches top discussion forums and get to building your reputation. Contact your manufacturers and get a backlink on their "where to buy" pages. Those are the main money makers. Our manufacturer links bring in a 90% conversion rate.
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    The point of the AdWords test is to establish a baseline conversion, not to get an ROI. Sometimes you come out ahead, but that's not the goal ... the goal is to figure out how your site CONVERTS in an ideal scenario, with ideal traffic, and there is no faster way to figure that out than AdWords. Spending money actually marketing a site and trying to build brand recognition without knowing how that site converts with the ideal visitor is a waste.

    Ron Rule

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