Build a network of sites with duplicate content all linking to each other? The SEO secret?

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I`ve noticed a lot of top hits basically built a network of sites - all selling the same products that they essentially try to pass as separate brands linking to each other.

Obviously if you have 20 websites crammed with the same keywords, selling the same products, all back linked from each other - your search presence will increase.

Is it normal to start buying up domains related to your niche and just duplicate content with small variations while cramming keywords every where over different domains? A lot of sites do it and their strategy seems to be working.

I know large outfits go around and buy up forums in their niche to link back. Running duplicate/multiple blogs and online "magazines" all linking to their sites while filling every "directory" with links. Shady, but I`d assume its all legit in the eyes of Google since Google seems to give high rankings to these outfits.

If you want to rank then you gotta play the game and get dirty by buying links, building fake blogs and putting links in headers of bogus sites. How else could anyone rank over a corporation? Even smaller competitors are buying back links at their markets.

How can a honest business compete unless they have total control and constant original content?

Example Ecommerce Network:

Couple of Trans Auto owned Sites that dominate the Jeep aftermarket:

Transamerican Auto Parts
Transamerican Wholesale - Automotive Truck & Jeep Parts at Wholesale prices. Your source for Wholesale Automotive Parts Truck Parts & Jeep Parts - Lift Kits, Winches, Tonneau Covers, Tires, Wheels, Bumpers, Performance Jeep Parts & Jeep Accessories by 4WD Hardware Jeep Soft Tops, Hard Tops, and Jeep Soft Top and Jeep Replacement Top Accessories Performance Truck Parts & SUV Accessories - Tonneau Covers, Exhaust Systems, Air Filter Intakes, Programmers, Diesel Superchargers Winch Depot - Winches & Winch Accessories by WARN, Smittybilt, Mile Marker & Superwinch WARN Winches, ATV Winches, and Winch Accessories | Go Warn Winches

Hundreds if not thousands no-content links like these linking in to their network of sites.

. Choosing the Right ATV Winch and Winch Mount - crossprint @ mixxt Choosing the Right ATV Winch and Winch Mount: - ATVwinches @ mixxt

*This one just has some pdf catalog files on it but shares thousands of links because of link placement in the header/footer. Off Road Adventure Magazine Category Industrial Goods and Services (25)

The design, content and products across these domains are almost exactly the same and yet all of them rank extremely high for their niche market keywords while obviously being the same content and products.

Granted there are legit links linking in to these sites the majority of MY research has led me to believe the legit links and content coming in is greatly outweighed by horribly written high keyword density empty-content.

Essentially this one company has created a Google Monopoly on the first two search result pages for 50 or so high ranking keywords. Essentially filtering your search results for you. Your traffic may not go to the same domain but your money is going to the same company.

The same could be said for various other e-commerce and niche markets on the internet. Just used the above as an example because its what I`m familiar with.

Did I just figure out the holy grail for Google Traffic or is this normal day SEO practices? Is this what a e-commerce outfit has to do to compete?
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      I did this several years back for a client. She had a niche, and instead of one site, she had me build hundreds all competing for the same keywords. All of them were branded differently, and all led to a single ecom site.

      Eventually, if you searched for one of those keywords, she held the top 15 spots on Google.

      I don't know if this would work post panda/penguin.
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        Originally Posted by JohnIsCool View Post

        I did this several years back for a client. She had a niche, and instead of one site, she had me build hundreds all competing for the same keywords. All of them were branded differently, and all led to a single ecom site.

        Eventually, if you searched for one of those keywords, she held the top 15 spots on Google.

        I don't know if this would work post panda/penguin.
        I thought one of the main purposes of the panda/penguin updates were to penalize sites that did this but clearly that isnt the case. I`ve read of peoples rank dropping after the updates but these people are small time ecommerce compared to corporate outfits like TransAmerican. Why are smaller legit e-commerce outfits getting penalized more when corporations like TransAmerican remain virtually unaffected?

        Another outfit thats doing this in my market is Trailblazers Inc. Again - This can be seen in almost every niche market and almost every first page results on Google. Im just using these examples because its what Im familiar with.

        Truck Accessories, Tonneau Covers, Truck Bed Covers, Pickup Truck Accessories -
        Bestop | Bestop Jeep Accessories | Bestop Truck Accessories | BestTop Factory Outlet

        Again - Same Products - Same content and a lot of re-used graphics. All backlinked to each other and linked to from thousands of bogus blogs etc. Duplicate content across the board yet the sites rank extremely high.

        I`d really like to hear a 'expert' SEO opinion on why sites using these tactics arent being penalized while smaller sites trying the same techniques are. :confused:

        Google obviously knows about it and it only takes a minute for a competent person to link the sites to the same owner. Transamerican doesnt even hide it. They clearly have their name all over the sites footer and about sections. I dont think the "if Google finds out" argument is at work here. Do we have a pay to play google scheme going on or what?

        Yes. I am considering doing this myself. I feel like I almost HAVE to if my employer wants to compete for search traffic. I`ve come to the realization that genuine white-hat techniques and content will not get us to the front page, 2nd page or even 3rd page of Google. Buying links - Networking Sites - Buying low content high keyword linking content seems to be what EVERYONE is doing.

        Have a look at one of our single main sources of online revenue. This one link had more than 28K in sales for us last year. Just think about if we had 3 links instead of the one. Thats an estimated 300% increase in traffic with over a 90% conversion rate.

        We are one icon on that list. Transamerican Corp has FOUR links on this page. Same company. Different domain. 3X the chance of traffic that we get. The same concept here on this link page can be applied to Google Search Results.
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    It's a dodgy method - 'IF' Google discovers it you'll lose your business almost overnight and you'll have a hard job of getting any penalty lifted!

    BUT - As you say it can work

    If you are considering it....

    Register domains using different names and addresses on different registrars.
    Use different hosting with different class c blocks
    Use at least some unique content
    Get some different links to each
    Do not link them together (one or two is fine)
    If you're selling the same product get someone on Elance to write different descriptions for each.

    It HAS TO look as unique and different as possible.
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