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I wish to start an ecommerce portal in India, I have the resources to start it.
I was wondering what products should I sell?

My focus is to attract college going students or the people of the age group 18-25.

Also I wish to sell items in which I can make a good profit.

Please do leave your valuable comments/suggestions.
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    Sell what people are already selling (Shows there is a market for it and ppl are willing to spend money on it).

    Use Open Site Explorer and if a website has less than 300 links from Unique domains, it means you can compete with them (As far as search engine rankings are concerned).

    Sell something that people will most likely order again or have a 'backend' product to go with your initial sale.

    Good to sell something you can write or create content around without getting bored. Necessary to provide added value if you want to increase conversions (Or people taking action on your site)

    Search this forum, lots of warriors have contributed some awesome information regarding what to sell online.

    All the best on your journey.
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    Just see your competitor what they are doing. Follow that method. Than you will get easy way.
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    Do college students like to buy online in India? Most of them like to freak out in the malls and not buy anything. Lolz

    Ricardo Furtado

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    How about selling customized clothing with college insignia?
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    Think to yourself what is a problem that 18-25 year olds in India are dealing with and what can I do to help them?Can i provide a service or a product or both?You have to eat,sleep,breathe and even shower with target market.The more you know about them,the more you can help provide them with your awesome business.Thats the toughest part of starting business,nailing down exactly who your market is.It may even change over time from 18-25 to 35-50.Thats the beauty of writing a business plan,it gives you a new perspective on old ideas.Good Luck!

    edward evans

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