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This is my second post regarding my online business selling leather bags. Here is our current website:

Longleaf Leather

We have used the shopify platform to create this website, the idea being that we have a small, specific range of products and wanted to keep it simple and easy to use.

The website also has a blog feature which we try time update as often as we can with articles about specific bags etc.

We do a lot of offline marketing including attending craft fayres and markets, distributing business cards/flyers, advertising and running competitions in local magazines/newspapers and using our bags ourselves when out and about.

In terms of online marketing, we have a separate blog which we update and also twitter and facebook accounts which we use to interact with people on a daily basis.

I would be very grateful for any constructive opinions about this website to help improve it, ways to generate more visitors (online or offline) and ultimately make more sales.

Many Thanks,

Daniel and Stephanie.
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    I had a look at your product page Chestnut Classic Satchel – Longleaf Leather

    The text should be left justified so it's easy to read

    "This great bag is filled with pockets and compartments" How many, what size - I know it says it in the 'details' further down but many people will skim read that. Excite my interest here. Perfect to keep your phone and wallet safe, whilst you keys can be stored in another zipped compartment.

    What's it made of? Leather I guess but I couldn't see?
    Will my stuff stay dry?

    I'd like to see larger images - quality of the stitching etc..
    What does it look like inside?

    Are these handmade my master crafts people or mass produced. If they are made by hand then tell me how they are made with care by crafts people.

    What if I don't like it? Do you offer a great guarantee?

    How long is delivery?

    Thanks Alan
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      Thanks Alan, some excellent points there and we're working on it as I as speak to add some of the suggestions you have kindly given us.

      Many thanks again,

      Daniel and Stephanie.
      Longleaf Leather
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        Hi Bogboy, I am no expert but here is my first impressions.

        the product is awesome but the price is a bit low. For a Great quality leather bag I would expect to pay double the price. (try to test this for a couple days and see what happens)

        I have never seen a goat leather product and I would like to be educated more about goat leather, How does it compare to traditional cow leather and what are the advantages over Cow if any, does it have a smell? is it waterproof, how durable is it, is it lightweight or comparable, what does it feel like, is it as hard as cow leather or more flexible, etc.... also talk about the stiching quality. I think you could charge more and get more sales if you emphasize the quality of the bag since it looks high end.

        Is there a warranty?

        you have a lot of empty real estate on the site, I would look into adding some seals to build trust. Maybe you can move the description to under the product and add some seals under the add to cart button, Free shippnig, 100% satisfaction guarantee, etc...

        your pictures are good, I would like to see what the inside of the bag looks like also the bottom, are there any feet or is it all leather. You have enough room on your page to make them larger as well.

        I would change craftspeople to craftsmen.

        regarding your blog, It might just be me but the text is very difficult to read, perhaps you should look into changing the font.

        Good luck awesome product, just keep at it and you will do well.
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      The bags are beautiful so here are my suggestions.

      Shipping and Return Policies: You need to lay these out as people will look at them. Even if you have a no return policy you need to lay it out.

      Someone already mentioned warranty

      Care: Fill this out more. Use your iphone to take either photos or videos of fixing scratches. Link to a waterproofing spray you would recommend online or carry it yourself as a dropship product. Even better, throw a can in with their purchase, a nice plus that costs you little.

      Age: Can you show what these bags look like over a couple years. Some leathers start developing a beautiful patina over time and people want to know what the bags look like over time.

      Hardware: Give me details about buckles, buttons, snaps and zippers. For example heavy duty brass buckles and zippers that stand the test of time.

      Interiors: The thing that always keeps me from buying bags online is no one takes the time to show the interior of the bag. Is it lined? What about interior pockets, buckles, badges. Does a laptop fit inside? what size? 13 inch? 15 inch? 17 Inch?

      Are these top grain or split grain leather? Does goat leather have to varieties like cow leather?

      Add a mailing address (even if its a post office box) and a phone number (even if it is burner number). It will give people confidence.

      And I agree, I would bet you you could double your price and actually increase sales.
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    Exactly like Anomale said, i've thought that the bags are not genuine leather because of the price. I suggest you to make the price higher and add a fancy badge which shows clearly that the bags are genuine leather. As the second your pictures are great but the whole site doesnt stand for a specific life style or in other words, it doesnt tell a story. Maybe you should create a persone first and modify the whole site to virtually attract interest of this persona, i hope i was able to express it in an understandable manner

    But the bags are great. Btw a friend of mine is also selling leather bags. His bags do not even look good but his prices are starting from 300$
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    I like minimalistic sites, it shows to me the luxury of the product and not the flash of a site,, but thats just me,, hell I could buy the bags from you, bring them to the USA and still have plenty of margin to sell them... Overall nice site all you need is to do some of the above mentioned stuff and you should be set.. Good Job !!

    And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

    Abraham Lincoln

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    facebook ads, google adwords, social media, seo
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    Hi bogboy,

    I have visited your site and here are some suggestions I can give:

    1.About the product description: I have the same feeling as others, you may miss some details that customers care a lot, such as the pocket size, the material details, etc. And the description seems a little plain, just my opinion. In fact, the photos attract me more than the text.
    2.And as others mentioned, the price seems low for genuine leather, and I will doubt the quality of the bag. If the leather is genuine, you should double the price, which will reinforce your product's quality and attract more potential customers.
    3.As an ecommerce site, I suggest you add a live chat solution, which will help you engage visitors in real time. There are many options available, such as Comm100 Live Chat, Live Person, etc.

    Good Luck.
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    Backlinks are key to growing your website's organic traffic. One great way to gain backlinks, and sales, is by running specials, and promoting the special you are running through 'deal' sharing websites and forums that allow you to post them. For some businesses, this accounts for more then half off their sales.

    Thank You,
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    Post to SEO's and directories once a week. Do a blog, and write articles. This will incerase traffic.
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