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My site has been recently completed about 1 month back). I have been checking my traffic stats via google analytics which is showing new unique visitors from the Unites States (current target market) slowly increasing. I have started using Google Adwords (paid traffic) on a small budget too. Onpage SEO has been fully completed and some minor offpage SEO link building done.

The problem I am facing is that I am not getting any sales and I believe it may due to poor or inappropriate ecommerce design (on home page and product pages), lot of content on product pages and lack of conversion techniques (sales funnel, etc).

I kindly ask experienced Internet Marketers and Ecommerce owners to provide some suggestions as to how I can overcome this problem or any other issues they see.

Any tips are appreciated!
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    just a real quickie

    Your home page needs the images optimising as it is slowing up the loading time.

    Looking at - Green Coffee Bean Extract | Antioxidant Supplements Store

    I have no idea how big that tub is, how many tablets, how long will it last.
    A few bullet points would help
    How much is delivery?

    Your home page needs better navigation to get to the products. The only way I could see was 'out store' tab at the top.

    Do you only have 6 products?

    Makes sure your sending visitors to the most direct page from adwords.
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    Your site has too many images

    The testimonial images look shady are you mostly selling to Indian people? I would remove all images from testimonial. They don't look real to me. Never use fake testimonials.

    The YELLOW view product button is annoying. Try red and change view product to learn more.

    You offer fast shipping but I can't click on the image to learn more.

    Overall, you need to build trust (A LOT) and decrease the 'clutter' from your site.
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    Your social media buttons are broken. They just lead back to your website. (Only clicked the Facebook one).
    The testimonials look ok to me. He has a Chinese guy, Indian people and some Caucasian people.
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    I have visited your site and i have some suggestions for you:

    1.There are too many images or too many colors on the homepage. The majority like simple and neat layout style. Maybe you should re-choose the color scheme. A good design is important for building customer trust.

    2.As you said, your target market is US. But customers in testimonials seems not from US. The testimonials will not greatly help you convert the visitors into your customers. Maybe you need to re-select some real high quality customers to make testimonials for you. Or you can just list the words.

    3.You said the traffic is increasing. Then do you know the details about the visitors and why they leave your site? If not, you may need to add a live chat solution to your site. It has been a popular tool for online businesses to increase sales conversion, such as Live Person, Comm100 Live Chat, etc.
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