Drop Shipping Overstock won't honor the coupons from there own site?

by bflo88
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I am new to Warrior Forum and recently new with drop shipping, but I have been finding really good deals and turning them for a profit. I have been using Overstock.com and I have about 10 orders backed up and multiple that I have even placed yet because they emailed me, telling me to call in about my orders. After talking with them they asked if I was drop shipping and if I was, it was ok. They are completely fine with it they just need to verify that I am a real person. So I did. Now, not only from here on out, but the last 5 orders, i have tried to use the coupons that they have on the website and none of them work. I chatted with CS and the last 4 times the said that they would credit the coupon amount to my card when it gets charged. Now when I chat with them, they deny me the coupons and tell me that it is only a one time thing. I have thousands of dollars worth of orders that are held up and people have ordered from me that I am waiting to place. I can't place them because I would get slaughtered with the price. PLEASE HELP ME WITH ADVICE on how to get around this, or what to say. I am stuck with a lot of orders waiting.

Thank you
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    Cancel the orders from your customers. They'll probably be pissed, but there's nothing else to do unless you're ready to take the loss.
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    What are the terms on the coupons? Do they say 1 time only or First Time only?

    If not you could always order the merchandise and then dispute the coupon amounts with your credit card. However even if this works it may get you banned from Overstock.
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