Sales are Good but they should be better - Critique my efforts

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    BUMP. No love from the WarriorForum? Tsk
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    If you are trying to optimize conversions you can always try A/B testing and optimizing user experience.
    Despite hours and hours of on-page SEO my efforts have yet to pay off. All of our search engine links are direct searches for our shop/site.
    Try doing some long tail keywords. Make sure keywords are also in product descriptions too. SEO also takes time and patience.
    You could also do some blogging. Just write 1-2 blog posts a week.
    Build backlinks for better ranking.
    Lower page load times.
    Lower bounce rates.

    Plenty of things to constantly do.
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      Hello. here are a few observations I think you should try to test and see if it improves.

      I am using Chrome and the search box in the header is out of allignment the MY Account link is filling up the second half of the box. I am not sure how many searches you are getting but I would recommend moving it to the center and making it bigger to encourage more searches on your site.

      I personally dont like the black background image (the contrast of a white page with a black side image hurts my eyes) I would try a couple different images to see what happens maybe a sand dune type image or a rock crawling type image both showing jeeps in action. I did a google search for jeep parts and almost all your competitors are using the lighter backgrounds, to name a few

      You have room under your logo I would use that area to run promotions for example try to move your email subscribe box under it so it get's more exposure. Create a promotion like "Join our discount club and recieve a coupon code for 5% off your order"

      Try placing your phone number in your header upper right is typical. I see you have it in the right panel but to me that area is typically reserved for advertising and I don't pay much attention to it. This will build more trust and increase your calls.

      I have been taught to mimic those that are successful so look at your top competitors and design your site similar to theirs. (its ok to be a copy cat as long as you copy the right cat)

      as Desmaster said just do a lot of testing and see what works.

      if you are not running product ads you should. also I noticed you aren't running any remarketing campaigns. I would suggest setting that up as well. I would think that the higher ticket items would take a few more exposures before someone buys than the low dollar items.

      Massive Success to you and great niche to be in
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    The quick-access header bug just happened with the latest update for Chrome. Its actually a Chrome bug with float: right; that's happening in the theme. The original developers of our underlying theme are suppose to be taking care of it so it should be resolved soon.

    Thanks for the input. I plan on having a grid type product layout on the homepage soon where the splash images are. I'll tackle a new background image at the same time. =-)
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