DropshipToolbox.com helps eBay sellers monitor prices from Amazon and other dropship sources

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Now in Beta testing and free to those that want to try it for a limited time.

http://dropshiptoolbox.com is an essencial tool for people interested in doing product arbitrage, selling on eBay and dropshipping from other online source such as Amazon, Walmart, Overstock and others.

Automatically imports and updates your ebay listings
Helps matches up you listings with source product URLs
Auto calculates fees and profits
Easily update bulk source product prices
Spreadsheet like grid for quick and easy viewing
Sort and search products in grid
Archive of Not Sold eBay listings including hits
Archive of Sold listings that includes fees and profits
Search date range of sold products for generating reports and totals
Manuel override of costs, fees and taxes for more accurate reporting.
and lots more

This type of service is super useful for those of you doing DS Domination or doing eBay/Amazon dropshipping on your own.

The website currenly has a basic sales pitch written.

This tool is brand new and not yet being promoted by anyone at the time of this post.

Affiliate program includes for if/when a membership fee is required.

Reviews, Questions, Feed back, Ideas or suggestions welcome here.
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    i dont think your site is working???
    Need Help With Your Keyword Research??

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      Originally Posted by misterlmno View Post

      i dont think your site is working???
      Thanks, there was a typo in the URL which is fixed now... errr
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  • That's great and all- but it still a violation of Amazon's TOS.

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      Originally Posted by Auctiondebteliminator View Post

      That's great and all- but it still a violation of Amazon's TOS.
      Can you qualify your comment a bit more?

      Are you referring to the fact that using Amazon Prime to dropship orders to customers violates Amazon TOS?

      If so that is true but you can still send items free as gifts not using Prime which does not violate their TOS. You just need to make sure the product you are drop shipping is over $35 and includes free shipping regardless of needing or using Prime, which is really not necessary.
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      • This is going to be amazing ... what is the PRICE expected to be ?
        Why only 25 % on the Affiliate side ?
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    Hello everyone,
    I had try and see: It's get eBay price and get source's price. Not get Shipping price. So, Gross and Net not exactly.

    Anyone see same with me?
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