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Can anyone take a look at my website and give me their thoughts? I bought it from Flippa recently and I've made various changes so I'd be grateful for any comments (I'm a newbie):

Many thanks
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    Very Nice Site, Nothing Major stood out to me. the only thing I would test would be to see if it made any difference by removing the SALE and % tabs from the featured products on the home page, they seem out of place to me.
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      Thanks for taking a look and feedback.
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    Congratulations! You've done 50% of work for SEO - good design.


    1 - Fix the drop-down menu - doesn't look great
    2 - Image names should be "thebirdfeeder-wildlife-world-diamon-bird-seed-feeder.jpg". What you currently have is "60e8b2bd1a879aa05b0b170835370e50.jpg". Proper image names should indicate that it is your own image (if it gets stolen), and have a descriptive name for SEO. Also, provide ALT tags - this helps search engines figure out what the image is.
    3 - Page load time is 9.05 seconds. Too long. Bring this down to 1-2 seconds.
    4 - Header tags are too short/long on your page. Make it 15-65 characters.
    5 - You had dynamic search URLs on the page (bad for SEO)
    6 - Your meta description is too long
    7 - You make too many HTTP requests - 119. Bring this down to 50. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    8 - Compress components with gzip
    9 - Configure entity tags (ETags)
    10 - Put use of JavaScript at bottom
    11 - Minimize JavaScript and CSS
    12 - Avoid URL redirects

    This is just some basic stuff, but I hope it helped!
    Aesthetically your site is great! Now to move on into polishing the edges, growing your brand and increasing sales! This is business as usual stuff for an online store. Congratulations! Continue to invest in the site and continue to improve it constantly.
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      Thank you so much for all the useful information I really appreciate it, most of this looks fairly straightforward so I can get cracking on it right away. Thanks again
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    I'd also be tempted to add a box up box to capture email addresses so you can follow up prospects.

    Give them something good in return eg free ebook "How to Attract More Rare Birds To Your Garden" or something...

    create a great follow up series and you can continue to promote your bird boxes, bird food etc. Should give you a better customer value.
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      1 - Fix the drop-down menu - doesn't look great

      Do you mean the full menu bar that drops down as you scroll down the homepage or the sub menus that drop down from each category?

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        @Ecommerce Advice - Thank you

        I have been looking into this but I'm finding it difficult to source a free ebook on bird feeding or something related to wild bird feeding to offer potential customers in return for their details, should I outsource this? Would the material need to be original?

        Thanks for your input.
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    @ Lesfra - Yes. Make them small drop down buttons. That would look more neat.

    Now, for emails and such - create a "my account" feature or a newsletter sign up. One other thing you can do for your site is offer birdwatchers information, giveaways and tips. You may also want to look into selling bird seeds, binoculars, and other things related to birding.

    Regarding an ebook, I've never heard of an ebook working for ecommerce sites. Although it is content, but you can simply create a community around a knowledge base that you build.

    Let's look at your site again. It's great. Some touch ups may be needed and you will always be developing something to improve it. That's a fact.

    SEO is now the technical aspect of your site for the search engines. Make sure that technically it's up to Google standards. Mark up your page elements with or microdata (there are many resources for you to learn to do that).

    Then comes marketing. SEO and marketing are NOT the same thing. SEO is now that same as cheating the system. If you want to be in this for the long haul - focus on technical optimization of your pages.

    Your marketing initiatives are as creative as your imagination. Give people relevant things and put your name out there. Market yourself. Invest in PPC, get a facebook page going. Post about birds, about bird watching, about various ways people can use your product for it. Participate on birding forums and maybe even get your own forum.

    Since you bought this site, clean up backlinks if they are poor. Use Google Webmaster Tools to check for penalties and manual actions. Send some bird feeders for free to birding clubs and associations. They'll be greatful and give you links that will bring traffic. So on and so forth. There's a world of possibilities you can do here. It will require time and dedication, but I'm sure you can manage it. There's no silver bullet solution and it's always a battle to grow traffic. More importantly - grow relevant traffic that converts.
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      @LynxForte Many thanks again, this is really helpful advice. I've tried some PPC over the last couple of days and made some sales already so I'm delighted, but you are right I would rather slowly build organic traffic through offering value and good content
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    I like the layout and find the website "Clean". My main complaint would be the large drop down box, I feel the website you look neater with a smaller drop down bar.
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    Is it running on shopify? If so I can give you quite a bit of advice (I used to develop shopify sites) on how to optimize it.
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      @TheUser - It's a Magento website but I really appreciate the offer to help.
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    Great site. I would change things slowly, document what you've changed and why you're changing it and see what impacts sales in a positive way. Whilst some of the advice in the thread is sound and very specific, nothing matters more than increasing your sales and that should be your barometer for gauging what works and what doesn't.

    Best of luck with it—glad to see it's 'taking off'!
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    Im not a pro designer or tech guy,but I liked it.It reminds me of Pintrest and has just enough content without being over bearing.As a regular consumer seeing it for the first time,I would have been back again for sure.

    edward evans

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