RESOURCE LISTS: Where To Sell, Where To Source & Other Seller Tools

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This is not a comprehensive list, and it is certainly not original (many of these have already been mentioned all over this forum.) But for anyone interested in one long list, here's some places you can make money through sales.

Also, I suggest searching for posts and information from someone on this forum named Auction Debt Eliminator if you are considering taking on auctions as a full-time seller/provider. I've read a lot of his words on here and he definitely understands the difference between a business and a hobby. If you've already sold grandma's old steam iron and that retro 80's Pac Man shirt on eBay, then you probably don't need any advice (you're a now a bona fide profit-making machine!) But if you are looking to create a sustainable business model, you may want to consider searching for the Eliminator's posts on this forum.

You can also use many of these sources for locating inventory if your savvy (or if arbitrage is your game.) And this list isn't even scratching the eCommerce surface, baby!
So, you may have noticed there is only a few international sites listed here... There are many more out there if just go and look for them. While many people are trying to focus solely on locating and acquiring the best imports from outside the U.S. not many people are paying attention to the vacuum that exists outside of the U.S. (Hint: There is some major money to be made in export!)

Maybe look up someone on this forum with the name Import/Export. I have not had his instruction or purchased any of his materials. But his bio and his experience are solid, so safe bet he knows his business. Just another avenue for those looking to tap in to less populated income streams.

With that said, I'll probably be getting the business end of Import/Export's boot for this next list...

Well, if you force yourself to become acquainted with the proper knowledge and guidance, you can find some terrific opportunities on these international sites. BE FOREWARNED, YOU WILL BE SEARCHING FOR GEMS IN A GIANT PILE OF MANURE, SO TREAD LIGHTLY AND SEEK EXPERT GUIDANCE - IF YOU RELY ON YOUR OWN CONFIDENCE AND ABILITY, YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.
That's all the farther I'm going to go down that road. There's more than enough peril in just those couple of sites to keep the less serious out of the way for the rest of the more serious.

Finally, on to some sites for sourcing and saving... These sites can be great for any number of reasons, choose your own adventure!


DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated or endorsed or WTF by any of the sites or people listed in this post. I'm just trying to share some quick information for the those with questions on what's possible and where. If you are new to selling, I strongly urge you to seek out someone with knowledge and experience to help stem the learning curve of going it on your own (something I painfully know far too much about!)
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