Fellow Noobs! Buy Low Sell High..that's all u need.

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Hello everyone, I am still very much a noob myself and I have nothing to sell to you, no link I ask you to click. I was just reading some post and wanted to chime in with my .02 that may help someone even newer than myself. I come from a retail management/customer service background. Walgreens, skechers, starbucks, etc. Now, so you don't waste your time I will tell you what I am not.
An E-commerce "pro"
A published author
A website builder
An E-book creator
A content king, lol.
That is not to disrespect those vocations. It is said for those who may feel they would rather read the words of the expert instead of the words of a regular guy who's trying to march forward with no more than they have. Here we go:
I started with the intention of creating a monetized blog. I have always loved to write and I thought, "what could be better than blogging everyday and making money". I bought a domain, paid for hosting, and began. I also bought-as noobs do-a course on how to accomplish my goal. Of course I did everything the course said not to do first. Bought business cards and magnets, paid for a logo on fiverr etc. After about a month I realized I loved writing but not in this capacity. I recently finished a novel so that last statement is true. I like writing-I don't like blogging. What I like, or dare I say love, is e-commerce. I'm a retail guy. I like transactions. And I like online transactions that bring the profit to me instead of a boss. So, after some time I shifted gears. I opened an Ebay account and at the recommendation of the guy who set up my blog, I joined Warrior Forum. I read everything and maybe purchased a wso or two. Here's the important part-nothing you read will compare with doing. You have to list something, sell something and package something. You have to go through the probationary time of having Paypal hold your money for 21 days until you have 25 detailed positive feedbacks and over $300.00 worth of sales and 90 days as a seller. You have to jump in and pay your dues and there is no way to cut corners. Of course I continue to come here because some really successful people take time out of their day to provide some outstanding free advice and if you listen and take action-things can happen. I too was only allowed to list 100 items which was fine. I only had about ten at a time anyway, lol. Now I can list up to 380. That's not setting the world on fire, but it happened. I too had a max monthly cash allowance of 5k. Now it's 10k. I still haven't made the 5k but they lifted it. Just start. I started with a broken Samsung Galaxy S that I sold for $50 bucks and some old work aprons that sold for $15 bucks each. My friends think I'm nuts but aprons and broken phones are not my end game-they allowed me to learn. The power is in the learning.
Recently, I went to one of my favorite liquidation warehouses in Los Angeles looking for nail polish (don't do it category is saturated:-)) and while there I walked through the warehouse and saw a bin of car electronics for $99 dollars-new overstock just came in. I pulled out my phone and checked prices on Ebay and Amazon. There were three different types of car electronics in that bin and each one was selling for $10-$40 dollars each. I did a mental count in my head of how many were in the bin...about 300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the account manager said, "people keep walking past these cause they don't know what they are, I was about to call one of my car audio guys and tell him to get down here." I bought em' on the spot...along with the nail polish, lol. This morning I sold 30 of them in a bulk lot for $200.00. Shipping cost $22.00 Ebay fee's about $21.00. I'm at $150.00 profit off those 30 and oh yeah this is the least expensive model. One of the models I sold before xmas for $10 each...I sold 100 on and offline. Remember the entire bin cost me $99 bucks. I never heard of the place I bought them from before I googled wholesale in los angeles. I got the address. I put gas in the car. I drove down there. I opened an account and I walked through once a week window shopping waiting to have enough money to buy something. (they have everything new overstock, shelf pulls and customer returns-i stay away from customer returns. i want sales not hassles. most bins start at $500 out of my range thus far). All in all about 2600 off that $99 dollar bin that I did not go down there to purchase. You cant get that posting questions all day. Get out in the world, find something you can purchase cheap that has value to others and sell it. I wish you all the best.
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    This is a pretty good story. Have you tried drop shipping? How are you making out on the drop shipping model if you are doing it?
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      never tried it. I'm still just trying to build up to a level where I can sell a lot of a few things. Haven't cracked that level yet. But it will come. Thanks for the response.
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    Interesting post but seriously consider using paragraphs next time. It's a wall of text and very difficult to read. The buy low/sell high was very popular on Craigslist sometime ago. People would buy stuff at garage sales locally then sell it online for a higher price.
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    So can you tell us the name of the place you bought these from? I don't live in LA but if they have a website online I would love to see what they have to offer.

    Any info would be appreciated!


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      via trading. Again, they carry everything so you need to fly right past their expansive "returns" and only consider the "new overstock" items. At least that's what I do. If you have a higher tolerance for risk then I guess the returns might work for you. I don't feel this early in the game that I should deal with potential problem items. Happy Hunting :-)
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        Sorry bro.. lost me at walgreens...
        Must be xmas.
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          Nice post and nice to see you are off to a good start, something is better then nothing. At least you
          know blogging was not for you and found another way to make money. It is best to do what you like than to struggle doing stuff you are not good at.

          You can go back in and edit your intial post to make it read better. look at the right lower corner of the post you will see and edit button in black on the left side.Click on edit and make your corrections. Dont forget to hit save, thats all you need to do.
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    ThaVeteran, that's a really great story and many of us have similar stories like that. But your point is fantastic! you do have to get off the computer and work your business. That includes finding great deals and finds.

    My recent find (Free) was four old computer storage tape back ups. Anyone know if these thing still sell?

    I'll be checking to see if they work Monday and do the research on them.

    Thank you in advance for any information you might have.

    Keep up the great work ThaVeteran
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    Thanks for the great inspiration! Closeouts, overstocks and liquidations can be really profitable (nice find on the car electronics!) You may want to check out regular retail stores as well. You'll be surprised how much you can profit on clearance deals- especially this time of year- stores are EAGER to get rid of this stuff! Thanks again for reminding us all to find what works and keep going with it!
    Click HERE to download my FREE guide and learn step by step how I make a 6 figure (profit) income selling real products online while automating and outsourcing most of the work! (no website necessary!)
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