What is 301 Redirect?

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It's the technique of redirecting an older webpage to a new location. Normally, to display the webpage or website for the web address which we are trying to visit. Here 301 implies the move is permanent as opposed to the temporary.
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    Hey Dom, I'm running a VPS. But If I was on regular hosting, how would I go about implementing a 301 Redirect? Is this something done through .HTACCESS, CRON, CPanel or something to request from the provider? Are there any video demo's or written tutorials out there on how to do this?
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    301 Redirecting is permanently moving your old pages to a new location.
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    301 is permanent move to a new location (domain/page/etc)
    302 redirect is a temporary redirect to a new location (domain/page/etc)

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    The process of moving an old page to a new location is called redirection. There are basically two types of redirection. One is called 301 and the other is called 302.
    301 is used to permanently move an old page to a new location. But
    302 is used to temporarily move page to a new location and then bring back that page original location.
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