I am annoyed because of PayPal

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I would like to start a SEO service, also to sell on eBay but can't because PayPal is not allowed in my country.

This guy says that he created a US Paypal account from his computer in Pakistan then connected it to Payoneer. All he do is using different IPs and clearing all cookies and it's working. I am hard to believe that because PayPal will recognize Pakistan IP...


Can somebody from PayPal non-allowed countries explain me how to have PayPal?
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    I recommend you to find a familiar person from another country, where paypal is allowed. All transfers will be paid to his paypal account, and then he will transfer money to your credit card. Of course it will cost some money for international transfers but not very much.
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    Definite agree with Sparnas. I have a few buddies over in Nigeria and Pakistan (PayPal is not allowed in either countries) and they attempted to use the "shady" way out and did the whole changing their IP Address thing and PayPal eventually caught up to them. They lost quite a bit of money too so I personally wouldn't risk it.
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    Paypal can sometimes be tough to deal with even if you are in the "right" country running a legit business.

    If you've got to be sneaky to use a merchant service then that's not a good thing..even if it isn't your fault.

    I agree, best option I see if you want to use Paypal is to find someone to partner with. Not launder money through but partner with, might be the perfect JV / business partner here on the forum.

    Some risk and negatives with partnering but got to be a lot less risky than trying to circumvent Paypal's security and policies.
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    Go down the shady road and one of your next posts will be titled "I am annoyed with PayPal because they locked my account and I have lost all the money I made from my SEO service. Can anyone help please??"

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    Do it the right way or risk losing money. It's that black and white.

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      Originally Posted by laurencewins View Post

      Do it the right way or risk losing money. It's that black and white.

      Plus the shady way of doing this is called "money laundering"!

      Can get you up to 20 years from the money-hungry all-mighty IRS and other alphabet soup-lettered federal agencies if they really want to push it.

      And sometimes they do, as HSBC along with American Express and Paypal got caught up in a different form of it a while back. Things became so ugly that HSBC sold off their Latin American business units.

      How to do it legit?

      First off, it isn't cheap, as it involves the hiring of an employee in a Paypal country and a corporation that has a bank account in the same country. Paypal likes to see the corporation and the bank account in the same jurisdiction, as in US entity with US bank account, Singapore entity with Singapore bank, etc. (And no, I don't sell either as a service or product.) I have seen a couple of people go this way, hiring a virtual assistant for the purpose of banking as well as other responsibilities.

      But the thing about money laundering is, when you do it, you not only put YOUR money at risk, you also entangle Paypal into an illegal net. So that's why they don't like it and quickly shut down your account once they catch on. They are required to in order to continue their business without losing licenses that they hold that promise they won't do such things, licenses that are vital to their continued existence.
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    I have a freelancer from Pakistan and he told me that he uses TOR browser because it gives him different IP's. Maybe that works although I did not try it myself.
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    you can use shared payment gateways for the same like authorize.net (you'll need to contact someone who use the processor on his own site)
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