Does anyone accept bitcoin on here selling on their eCommerce site?

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I have a shopify site. I'm pretty technical when it comes to server side code, html and css so it wasn't a problem setting up. I did realize that shopify has built in bitcoin accessibility. Has anyone had any success or accept bitcoin's on their site?
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      Yeah. I hear amazon is accepting bitcoin here in a few months. I think once one major etailer does it, all will follow.
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    If you have a Woocommerce site, there's a free Bitcoin extension for it. Haven't tried it yet, but I might just for kicks.

    WordPress › Bitcoin Payments for WooCommerce « WordPress Plugins
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    As of right now, a lot of people feel like BitCoin is a pretty dangerous gambit for the smaller or medium-sized seller.

    On the other hand, became the first major US retailer to accept BitCoin a week or two ago. They did $130,000 in I think 280 orders on the first day.

    Check it out:

    Hope this helps!

    _ Sean

    _ Sean B.
    Solid Commerce

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    I integrated it into my website. Im using a pretty basic service. The gateway accepts the bitcoin for me and gives me the choice to either payout cash or keep the coin. I'll let everyone know how it does after i get an order with a 'bitcoin' payment.
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    I'm adding it to my own services.
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  • We've been accepting Bitcoins for just over 1 year now.

    Only a very small % of clients pay with Bitcoins, the majority of the clients in question were attracted to our store due to the fact we offered this payment option and their previous supplier/s did not.

    For the record: month on month we are noticing an increase in both enquiries relating to Bitcoin and clients opting to use them to make payment.

    We recently added Litecoin to our list of payment options but as of yet, 6 weeks later, we have still to receive a single payment in Litecoins.
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