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Hello Im just wondering if anyone can help with some reviews on my new site im currently working on.

Im not a coders or designer but im rather proud of my self. wordpress rocks lol

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    Hey Buddy

    In your right sidebar the images need to be much larger

    Also if your a store (which you clearly are) I would recommend a more ecommerce theme. It's hard to understand and engage with your website as it stands but still a good start.
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    Thanks I will look into that . Im adding a design your own decals to it as well that works on all platforms not just pcs so im excited to get that up and running.
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    You are learning and you should be very proud of your site.
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    When I entered your website, I wasn't sure if it was an ecommerce or a blog.

    +1 for the right column - you need to make these bigger.

    Also the article in the middle (+the big image) are taking too much of your most valuable space. People will rarely read what is in there. If you get targeted ecommerce traffic -these are people ready to buy, waiting in anticipation with their wallets open. Don't make them wait.

    Maybe try getting a better ecommerce oriented theme?
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    Good start but you've got a fair bit of work if you want to compete with others in your niche.

    I'm not 100% clear what you site does -Is it creating wall stickers

    You need a really strong headline
    Some type of guarantee

    a customer doesn't care that you are new or just learning unfortunately. They are looking at your site on how you present it.

    Searching google uk I can see - Wall Stickers and Decals, Wall Art Stickers - Stickers Wall If I was a shopper I think I'd use them because of the range and the way the site looks.

    That means if you do any PPC your add costs will be really high to conversions.

    You really need to grow your range somehow and work on the design. You might be wise to get a outsourcer to come up with a design and use that.

    Your header area is huge without giving the customer a lot of benefit and the right column looks unfinished.

    Good start - keep going with it.
    Signature - Increase Your Conversion Rate Guranteed
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    great start well done for that
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    thanks for the tips guys much appreciated.
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  • Profile picture of the author drk11
    Hi guys well i took some advice from use and would just like to see what use think now.

    I have changed the hole theme of the site and some other bits and bobs.
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    The site is looking great! Are you printing/suppling the decals yourself, or drop-shipping?
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    me make all our own products. Thanks
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    I like your site. Good job.
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