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Id like to know more about drop shipping real authentic sneakers and what steps will i have to go through to do it. I do not have a site yet but i do have a very engaged twitter following that is always asking for a link to buy the shoes.

I also design websites so getting one up fast wont be an issue! Looking for any and all help
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    Whatever you do, don't be tempted to buy them from dropshippers overseas. You will lose your money.

    If you do a Google search for the brands you want, you will usually find literally hundreds of scam sites offering the "genuine" article. You don't buy from them, instead, if you send them any money, think of it as a donation to an unworthy cause.

    If you try the easy way out and search on places like aliexpress you will find plenty of dropshippers offering the big brands. After you pay, some of them might even ship some of the knockoffs to you. That is where your troubles will start.
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    Id like to know more about drop shipping real authentic sneakers
    Not possible. The only thing you'll find available via dropship is counterfeit merchandise.
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    Damn I found a lot of dropshipping sites but i was very wary and im glad
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      I don't have a drop shipper but I do have a legitimate source for authentic name brand athletic sneakers, cleats, skate shoes, boots, etc...

      The catch: The distributor receives calls each week from Nike, Asics, Brooks, Mizuno, NB, Adidas, and so forth on items they need to clear out. Most of the time it's a "buy all take all" situation for the distributor. They don't get to pick the styles, sizes, colors, etc... In turn, they sell the merchandise in "packages" mostly to International customers. I am one of the few domestic customers they currently have and I have been happy with my purchases up to this point.

      I sent you a pm...feel free to contact me if you want to know more. Thanks
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        That can be great for good margins, but your going to have a lot of inventory you will not be able to move fast, though sites like ebay can help you try to move access merchandise as well. I think you are better off creating a relationship with 1 or 2 shoe companies, and start by just offering those brands. If you can build some business, you may have an easier time get more manufacturers. Drop Shipping in this industry is not really offered, at least I have not seen it (except for china suppliers, etc.).

        Some China suppliers offer 'No Name' brand shoes......quality is hit and miss, but you can sometimes order a sample order (1 or 2 pair) to test quality.

        Thank You,
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