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I want to start a drop shipping business which sells women's clothing. Does this sound like a good idea?

I want something with low return rates.
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    If your doing just women's clothes and not persay plus size clothes you'll do better finding a dropshipper but there aren't a ton of them. Plus size clothes finding a dropshipper is more difficult. Also make sure whatever company you look into, make sure they drop ship all their products, believe it or not, I had a dropshipper that didn't dropship everything they had, only some of it was dropship. Remember with clothing, its a bit more tricky because you have to do deal with sizes. Remember if your looking to ebay, each size is considered a different item by ebay even if its the same piece of clothing. This I also know sadly from experience.

    The other problem with clothing is, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Finding fashionable clothes that are instyle is a bit more tricky then say trying to drop ship an item thats more about functionality then form.
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      I found martofchina.com who do dropshipping.
      So i am planning to create an online store using wordpress and woocommerce and then post their stuff on my online store. Does it sound like a plan? I am a newbie.
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        This company that you mention has many websites online
        such as :
        and they have bad reputation. Just google it and try to place an order. All their sizes are small ,bad quality and sometimes they forget to ship you the package
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    for a beginning its a good plan, you should definitely think about what your going to do for marketing.
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        Originally Posted by Santr123 View Post

        PPC advertising and SEO of my site
        First of all,that is a good idea. and Yes you have to do PPC and SEO for your business, since it is an ecommerce shopping site, visibility for relevant search queries on different search engines is very important.

        Bus tickets of any Travel operator @ Ticketgoose.com

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    If you want something with low return rates, women's clothing is not it!
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      any ideas what products are low returns items?
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        Originally Posted by Santr123 View Post

        any ideas what products are low returns items?

        Sure - consumable's.

        There are a few niches you can find for consumables on ebay - it's tough and you will spend hours on it.

        There is one in particular with only a few hundred listings and only 6 are US based sellers. Rest comes from Country of Origin with a long ship time.

        Needless to say that the US based sellers are raking it in.
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        We are thinking about starting to drop ship our products, using a feed or premade websites that customers can purchase. Check out our websites, JPhandbags.com and JennysPlaceGA.com

        We have over 100,000 items in our warehouse and have been established for over 10 years.

        Let us know what you think, and what option you would be interested in.
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    you should find a drop shipping company in your country. that will helpful for you as you can ship the product easily. If you do a good job for your site promoting then you can get more sell for those products.

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