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Hi guy
I wonder if some of you would be so kind as to give me some constructive criticism on my website.

I was using core commerce for my site originally but was sick of the fees and constantly having to update stock when I sold on ebay and vice versa.

I am now on open cart and have integration with ebay so all of my stock is controlled both ways. It is genius

Anyhow here is my site. I am still updating images and products.

Elevé Gifts - Just Beautiful Things...

many thanks
#advice #eleve gifts #website
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    What OpenCart theme is that? Looks really nice.

    The layout is great. IMO I would add another row of products to the homepage.
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      For such a simple site, it's incredibly well-put-together.

      The colors are great, and the design is solid, right down to the smaller elements and details.

      That "Shop By Category" drop-down is awesome-looking. Honestly, I'd consider moving "Best Sellers," "Sale Items," and "New Arrivals" to the top of the picture's frame.

      At the bottom of the picture, they look like they're meant to be category headers for the products that appear below them.

      I would keep them red, and this gives you a couple of advantages. Not only does it put those items a little higher up above the fold, but it also increases their contrast with the "Home" and "Shop By Category."

      Also, since that's a bit of a wide picture, the "Home" and "Shop By Category" buttons look a little strange being as stretched out as they are.

      I would try moving those three nav options from the bottom of the photo's frame to the top, and then pay close attention to Analytics to see what kind of changes in customer behavior that brings about.

      _ Sean B.
      Solid Commerce

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